Tuesday, February 15, 2011

all week long son

Quick post today, I felt like I've been slacking but the weather is perfect, well for Febuary anyway and there is just too much riding to be done for me to be wasting my time sitting at my computer.
So Alan has been talking up this whole Bikeapalooza thing for a couple of days and it caught my attention. I kept waiting for an annoucement of a big road trip with multiple trailhead stops and rides of epic preportions. I checked his blog once I saw the post and went in search of a big trip post but all I saw was a few miles at our local trail system and a road ride. I was kinda let down when I saw this but I guess two rides in one weekend in Feburary, one being on the road is pretty nice considering it is still technically winter. Then I re-read the title and it was Bike Palooza not Bikeapalooza so I guess there is a difference.

Anyway in the spirit of Bike Palooza I am going to head out to the trails and ride today. My own little Bike Palooza has been in full effect all weekend despite being on graveyard. Saturady I was able to catch up with the crew at Warriors and get in some dirt miles and Sunday, Melinda and I had the first part of our Valentine's Day date with brunch followed by a ride at Bay's mtn.

Wednesday, Melinda and I are heading to Asheville NC for the 2nd half of our Valentine's Day date/ride and hit some singletrack followed by a nice dinner.

Thurday, the daytrips continue with Fat Tony, Andy "I'll punch you in your freakin' face" Mullins and a few other fellow crazies as we head off to Wilkesboro NC for a little Warrior Creek action.

Bike Palooza or Bikeapoolza, whatever you want to call it, there will be some riding going down that's for sure. So much riding that I almost feel bad for the other cats in this mileage contest as no skinny tires will be involved.

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I looked up palooza's definition: "banging drunken party time". Guess I messed that one up but it sounded good. Yea two "warm" days in Feb to ride both was definitely a palooza for me!