Monday, March 31, 2008

Savannah bike pics

I managed to find a few minutes today at work to upload a few pics. Man my job is demanding.

I was feeling a little artistic, I may play around with this one in Photoshop later.

I knew they used cinder blocks under trailers but this guy really went overboard. I guess he's waiting on a flood.

I have no idea, but he sure was attracting a crowd. He probably gets better tips in that outfit.

This was a pretty common site in downtown Savannah. Traveling by bike was faster and easier than by car or on foot. Melinda and I went everywhere on our bikes. I can say I actually had fun shopping.

Moonshine's new do

One of the many fountains in one of the many parks.
That's all I have time for now but I've got a couple cool videos to post later.

and... I'm back

Well I started this blog, did 3 posts and then nothing. I swear I didn't give up on it, I've just been on vacation. Melinda and I have been pretty busy the last few days. We just recently bought a pop-up camper and that in itself has been quite an adventure. We didn't think we were going to get it in time for our trip to Savannah last week but we somehow managed to pull it off just in time but it wasn't easy. The day after we got it home I was trying to put it up and the top fell on it while I was inside. Don't worry no injuries, it has a safety feature to keep it from coming down on your head. It did scare the crap out of me though. I was at home alone when it happened so Melinda got a pretty frantic call while in the check out line at Wal-Mart. It's not that we bought a piece of crap, I think I screwed it up while trying to adjust the door. Evidently it uses some sort of clutch to hold the top in place when in the upright position but now it's no longer holding. I managed to rig up a device that will hold the top in place as well as a couple of 2x4's on the inside so that we could take it on our trip. I guess I'll be taking it into the shop next week for repairs.

Her she is hooked up to the truck. Melinda has affectionately named it the "Pancake Shack" The new truck pulled it like a champ over the mountain. Now if I can just learn how to back the dang thing into my driveway everything will be good.

Moonshine and Jackson love their new home away from home, they say it sure beats sleeping in the back of the truck. We never really set up much of a camp or even set up the awning. There was so much to do in Savannah we pretty much only came back to camp to sleep.

I took a ton of photos in Savannah but I've got to sort through them all first but I promise I'll try to post some of them later today or tomorrow. Savannah is a very bike friendly town so I got alot of cool bike pics. We saw mostly beach cruisers and fixies since the city is mostly flat. We had planned to take our new cruisers but I found out the day we left our hitch rack won't fit in the hitch on the back of the camper. It's a 2" receiver but for some reason it's just a hair too small. hmm.... what to do now? We did take our mtn bikes which we hauled on the roof rack. (Beach cruisers and roof rack do not go well together) More to came later

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring is in the air! Bring out the road bikes.

We have had some pretty nice days here lately and I've been sneaking in a few road ride here and there. Yesterday was Anthony and I second attempt at a route in Bristol VA. Last week we scouted out the route but had to cut it short due to lack of sun light. Anthony found this route listed on a website called Route Slip where if you own a fancy GPS device you can upload your rides or search for rides that people have done and download them to your GPS unit. I'm not this fancy but apparently Anthony is so we've been riding this route uploaded by a guy named "Willis". We've been having a little fun with Willis, occasionally I'll ask Anthony "Where is Willis"? He'll reply "We're kickin' his arse". Once you have the route downloaded to your GPS it comes with that person's ride times as well so you can ride against their time. Even with a couple of wrong turns and stops to take all these interesting pics, we left Willis in the dust. Yesterday we got started a little earlier and managed to finish the entire route which is only 26 miles but with a minor mech. on my bike and a few wrong turns we made it back to our cars just in time. We started at Mountain Sports Ltd. in Bristol and headed out to the more rural areas of the city. In our last attempt we saw a few interesting sights along the way but we missed a few due to our shortcut last time. I brought along my camera this time to get a few pics but I had no idea there was so much interesting stuff out there to see.

Check out this chimney, we actually saw this one last time but we had a dog in tow so we flew past it before I had a chance to get the camera out. They sure are taking their sweet time building the house to go with it. Vines have already sprouted up around it. They had better get a move on it.

This mailbox just screams FAST!

Now I know a few people who actually decorate for Easter (my mother-in-law) but they do it tastefully. I thought Easter decorations were for Easter eggs? These people should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. I wonder if they have an Easter decorating section? There was more to see but the people were in the yard so I just did a rolling shot. Click pic to make bigger.

We saw this right off the side of the road near the end of our ride and we were like "What the heck is that?" I snapped a few pics because I work with a few guys from the Bristol area and one guy imparticular seems to know everything. After showing him the photos he knew exactly what it was. It is the old Bristol Water Treatment Plant. It's not been used since the 1950's. I had a feeling it had something to do with water and there was a small stream running next to it.

I think I'm going to make Bristol a regular for some of my road outings. I wonder what else Willis has in store for us?
Have a good one.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Projects, Projects, Projects

They never quit, projects around this house. Melinda and I have lived here a little over 4 years now and we've been talking about looking for another house (something with a garage). We said we weren't going to do anything else to this house but uh oh, we've gone and started another one. Melinda decided it's time to redo the kitchen cabinets and since we can't afford to replace them we're just going to do a bit of sanding and repainting. I took the doors off yesterday

It's kind of hard to see but there is something very interesting in this photo. Mr. Hill Billy Santa came to see me. Maybe I'll save that for another post. Ha!

I'm kind of getting used to not having them on, it makes finding things a whole lot easier. Looks funny though. I know your anxious to see what color we're painting them. We'll I'm off to go meet up with Anthony for a little road ride action.

My first post! Yeehaw!

Thursday March 20, 2008
Welcome to my blog, this here is my first post. I'm glad your here! I'm sitting here trying to figure this whole blog thing out while I should be outside since the sun is out doing some much needed yardwork. I've got a road ride planned later today with a buddy but until the rest of the world gets off work I'll just hang out with the kids (moonshine & jackson). Even though it did rain all day yesterday Melinda and I did manage to get out and ride our new cruisers around the neighborhood before the much hyped storm blew through. The weatherman managed to talk up the huge storm that was supposed to hit our area and have possible tornadoes but it was nothing. I think they make a big deal out of the weather just to boost ratings just like the media. Anyway enough of this I gotta get off here and do something.