Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A few pics from our hike last weekend.

I had to coax Jackson into the truck, sometimes he doesn't like riding back there with Moonshine because she paces around alot. I decided to ride to the trails in the back with them. Fun!

Moonshine coming out of the water

Big ole green caterpillar.

Turtle love

Sunday, September 28, 2008

100 push-ups

Week 4 is in the books, it wasn't easy and week 5 looks even tougher but I'm not giving up.
Melinda and I went hiking today with the dogs and we hiked the same trail we always do, nothing new. It's funny how many odd things you can see when you frequent the same place week after week. Melinda brought the camera along and I asked her why she did but I'm actually glad she did. I'll try and post up some of the pics tomorrow. Interesting stuff we saw.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Why do they do this to me? Salsa just introduced the Selma. It's basically the Mamasita but with an eccentric BB. That is one sweet ride. Ever since I purchased my Mamasita I've been thinking abut how cool it would be if you could run it as a singlespeed with out the use of a singleator. Way cool paint job, I love the blue on grey. Maybe I've end up getting me one of these next year, who knows.

I'm almost scared to look and see what else was unveiled at Interbike.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nature's wonder

Went for a road ride yesterday and hit a route that takes me out past Bays Mtn into Hawkins county (redneck country). Lot's of farms, wide open spaces and cars on blocks. Anyway I've noticed a lot of grasshoppers this year especially yesterday. Early in my ride I was cruising down the road at about 20 mph and I looked down and noticed a little grasshopper perched on the end of my wheel skewer just taking a ride and enjoying the sights. I thought wow how did he get there, he must of jumped on and got very lucky he didn't fly into the wheel and get chopped in half by the bladed spokes. I reached into my jersey pocket for my phone to snap a pic of the little guy. I never stopped so it took me a minute to get my camera ready. I looked back down and he was gone. Then I saw a small blur rotating with my wheel. Holy crap the little guy had jumped onto one of my spokes. I don't know how he did it or how he pulled it of but I'd say he was dizzy. I stopped, snapped a picture (see above) and then helped him off and into his grassy paradise on the side of the road.

When Melinda got off work yesterday she brought home a glass jar with 2 black widows in it. One that had laid eggs, way cool. One of the spiders looks like it's dead now, may have been a male. You know ruthless those females can be. I'll post a pic if the baby's hatch out.

Have a good one


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do I look like an idiot?

For the past 2 years I've had a problem with sweat dripping down my face and into my eyes. This summer I constantly found myself having to stop in the middle of the tail to "milk" the pads in my helmet. What came out was a nasty stream of sweat. I finally decided that I need to invest in one of those Halo headbands that I've seen everyone wearing. Simple enough, yeah right.
I can't find the damn things anywhere. I've been to several bike shops in the tri-cities and a couple in NC. I actually found some at Liberty in Asheville but they were funky colors and most were the tie around type. I don't think I would like that. I did find this goofy looking headband made by Syncros as if that's not obvious. I went ahead a bought it as something to use until I can locate a Halo. Melinda found it laying in the floorboard of my truck the other day and immediately started poking fun at it. I don't blame her I look like an idiot with it on. What's up with the giant freakin logo right on the front? What am I some kinda billboard? If so these jokers should be sending me some kind of check for displaying they're product so boldly. The main thing here is that it does work. I haven't had sweat running down my face stinging my eyes but it has given me a headache and caused me to stop in the middle of the trail trying to adjust the thing. I guess I'm going to have to break down and order one off the web and pay more in shipping than the cost of the band. That's gonna suck.
It's official GRT Racing has confirmed it's 4th rider for the 2008 race at Haw Ridge. I don't no why I'm obsessing about this race. Maybe because I haven't been able to enter a race since Feb. See you there

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Times

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Friday morning I took the dogs out for an easy spin to get them some exercise and to work any bugs out of the Mamasita. Although the dogs got some exercise the bugs in the Mamasita plagued me all weekend. I am about ready to put the front derailuer back on. I'm on my second chain stop and I keep throwing the chain. I really got spoiled with the singlespeed and it's lack of drivetrain problems.

Friday evening we held the 2nd Hot Dog ride with a few different faces from the last ride. I conned Melinda into joining us at the last minute and even though she was a little hesitant she had a good time. Not everyone (Scooby) is a fan of hot dogs so we had to have a few hamburgers as well but I don't think we'll ever call it the Hamburger Ride.

Saturday we slept in a little and hit Panera Bread for a late breakfast before getting on the road to meet up with Joe, Olga and Josh for a ride at Bent Creek in Asheville NC. Rumors of trail closings due to logging had us a little worried but all our fears were put to rest when we learned the trails were only closed throughout the week. None of the trails were going away to my knowledge. I was a little disappointed in some of the trail work that had been done to Green's Lick. What used to be a really smooth fast decent packed with rolling jumps has had several rock gardens and water bars added that were a real momentum killer. I don't know who does the maintenance up there but they have ruined that trail.

After a few hours of riding and some harrassment at the local bike shop we headed downtown to Barley's Taproom for lunch/dinner and beers. I had never been there but the beer selection was awesome. I could have stayed all day if Melinda would have let me. I tried a couple of homebrews from the Pisgah Brewing Co. and they were excellent. It was a little out of our way but the food and beer was worth it. I'll definitely be going back next time.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

weekend riding

Not much riding here this weekend. I worked 12 hour days all week and that just doesn't leave too much time for riding. I do have the 7 day off stretch kicking off tomorrow, well make that a 6 day stretch, I plan to work a little overtime to help fund the new ride. Tomorrow should be a ride filled day. I've got some errands to do via bike and I plan to head out to the trails early before the hot dog ride to get the dogs a little exercise and address any kinks in the Mamasita. They've been cooped up all week and will be at home all day Sat as well. Melinda and I have plans to drive over to Asheville and pay Bent Creek a visit. We were planning on going to Raccoon Mtn. for the weekend but with high gas prices and a busy schedule here lately we decided to stay close and save Raccoon Mtn. for next month.

Some photos from last weekends visit with the family. I took my niece Emma on a ride on my Dad's antique cruiser.

Emma has really taken a liking to the dogs although I can't say the same for them. Her aim with the tennis ball is just a little off.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Hot Dog Ride!

Hot Dog Ride Friday! Meet at Warrior's for a ride @ 5:30 and then we're grillin some dogs in the parking lot afterwards. I'm bringing Salsa.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I heard about it all night at work Thurs, "Knoxville is out of gas", "Gas prices will be $5 a gallon by Fri morning", "I called home and told my family to go fill up their cars". What did I do when I got off work Fri morning I went to the gas station to get gas. Why? because I was on empty but I didn't fill up I just got the usual $40. No freaking out here I wouldn't have gone had I not been on empty. Gas was not $5 a gallon, heck I didn't even pay $4. People are ridiculous, why did the Tri-Cities have lines out into the street and fights breaking out. I'm not sure what people were thinking. I heard from family in Texas that this was not happening there. I just had to laugh and make jokes at my fellow co-workers' expense this morning. When I asked them if they filled up their bath tubs with gas this weekend no one thought it was funny but me.

Week 3 of the push-up challenge is complete with 100% success! I was afraid I would not be able to pull it off but I did. Week 3 was a lot tougher the 1 or 2. I'm kinda afraid to look at what's in store for me this week.

On a good note most of my family came to town this weekend for a visit. We had quite a house full Sat and Sun. Our house is not that big and not really geared for kids but we had fun. Poor Moonshine and Jackson got their first dose of what it's like to be terrorized by a small child. We had to drag Jackson off the couch numerous times because he was trying to get away from my niece. It was hilarious, I think they got plenty of exercise this weekend even though we didn't make it out to the trails but once. Friday the dogs and I took the new ride out for a test run and it was good. I will have to make a couple of adjustments but that's expected.

Congrats to Chris and Joy on getting married this weekend. We enjoyed the wedding and reception.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


While browsing a couple of websites late one evening I ran across the deal that I had been waiting for. A Salsa Mamasita, I tried to buy one back in the spring but the price was a little more than I was willing to pay. I was hesitant on letting the cat out of the bag until I had the goods in my hand because last time I jumped the gun and the next day my local shop called me to say that they couldn't get the frame. I was disappointed and went for the Haro Mary instead which I loved and would keep if my finances had no boundaries but they do so Mary must go to help pay for Mamasita.

I finished the fine tuning today after waking up (night shift this week) and the dogs and I took her for a couple of hot laps around the yard/neighborhood. Jackson and Moonshine gave their stamp of approval but not till after they got done laughing at me for running through a fresh pile of dog sh*t. So if your wondering why my bike is wet in the photos I figured that would be better than a dog turd hanging off the tire. Plus Melinda would not be happy if I brought that into the house.

I love the way Salsa sculpted the chain stays and seat stays which are carbon. It's a really nice touch and I can't wait to go hit the trails and see how she performs. I pulled out the trusty bathroom scale and she weighed in at 27 lbs. Not too shabby for a ride with middle of the road components. That is just 2 lbs. heavier than the Monkey which doesn't have any need for all those gears and squishy parts. Am I getting soft? Nope but I sure am having fun. I did take the Monkey out for a ride Monday while the transformation was taking place and I felt good, a little beat up on the roots and rocks with the rigid fork but I'll get used to that again. I forgot how good it felt to have the instant power transfer without all those gears.

Last week I finished the 2nd week of my push up challenge. My goal is to complete the six week program that is supposed to help you reach a goal of 100 consecutive push ups. Week 1 and 2 were fairly easy but so far week 3 is alot harder. There is a significant increase in the number of push ups required. I thought the first day I wasn't going to be able to pull it off but I did just barely. If at anytime I cannot complete all of the repetitions I plan to repeat that week over before moving on to the next week.
Have a good one

Ahh Yeah!

more to come...........

Monday, September 8, 2008

For Sale

2007 Haro Mary XC (frame only) $350 obo
size - 18"
color - tangerine orange
only 250 miles on the frame like new condition

2008 Race Face Evolve XC handlebar $20
mounted and ridden once
like new condition

2008 Thompson Elite seatpost $60
like new

2007 Ritchey Pro seatpost - $25
mounted up and ridden once
like new cond.

contact me at bikedogs at gmail dot com

Friday, September 5, 2008

In the woods

It's been awhile since my last post. I had a pretty busy week, resealed the gargantuan deck we built a couple of years ago. That in itself took 2 days. Did a little yard work and rode the trails everyday. I haven't had much interest in riding on the road except for commuting. I guess it's because I was off the bike for so long this spring and with my first mountain bike race coming up since I hurt my back I feel the need to hit the dirt. Last weekend Melinda and I went for a good long hike with the dogs and I ran across this funny pic of Moonshine shaking the water off her coat that I don't even remember taking.

Tuesday I hit the trails by myself and I was coming up on the section where we found the dead deer a week ago. I planned to bypass the section to avoid the nastiness but the kid in me made me go take a peek. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Nature had taken it's course alot faster than I thought it would and all that was left were bones. The scavengers had left them right in the middle of the trail so passing would not be possible without running over what was left of the poor fellow. I decided to go ahead and move the remains with a stick so the poor guy could rest in peace without being run over by unsuspecting riders.

A little further down the trail I was coming though a particularly fast section and I saw that a tree had fallen and part of a branch was sticking out into the trail.

There appeared to be plenty of room so I didn't give it much thought, bobbed to the right a little and OUCH it bit my leg! I got a nice little cut on the outside of my left leg but I kept moving only looking down for a second to notice a little blood seeping out. Wednesday I passed through the same section but this time I knew what to expect, dabbed a little harder to the right and cleared the branch with no problem. Three days in a row I made it out to the trails but Thursday I was feeling a little more tired. As I made my way through the twisting singletrack I found myself flying through that same fast section with the same jagged branch hanging out on the trail. I don't know if I just wasn't paying close enough attention or if I was just too tired but that mean branch came out and bit me again. This time I got off my bike and tried to move it off the trail. It was attached to a somewhat bigger tree that was just to heavy for me to lift so I snapped a picture of my leg instead.

I know it doesn't look bad but the same branch in 3 days cut me twice. You think I would have learned my lesson the first time. Sorry for the crappy photos but I only had my camera phone.

I got the email that a certain package is in route to my house via UPS. I'm still scared to say exactly what it is for fear of being jinxed and something going wrong. It's scheduled to be here Monday.