Monday, May 7, 2012

Video from The Kokopelli Loops

The second video from our trip out west. This video is from the Kokopelli Loops in Colorado, the trails we rode that day were: Rustler's Loop, Mary's Loop, Horsetheif Branch and Steve's Loop. It was a long day on the bike but an awesome day on the bike. I ran out of battery juice and missed out on some really cool footage near the end but oh well, I plan to go back. This particular trail system had some sections that I recognized from the photos of my Bike magazines, talk about cool. When you see sweet pics in mags of awesome singletrack and then actually get to ride it, it's like living your dream. I did alot of stopping just to take in the scenery and marvel at my surroundings. The pics and videos really don't do this place justice, trust me, you gotta go.



I've got another video coming down the pipe but Vimeo will only let me upload one a week with the free version. Next on tap, The Ribbon, part of the Lunch Loops in Grand Junction.

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