Thursday, June 14, 2012

the return of Sully

It had been a while since I'd last seen Sully the Warriors Gnome, a few of us were actually beginning to get worried about him. His last finder took him somewhere, not sure it was in the park trail system. From the funny clues we were getting it seemed Sully was flying around on some sort of magical carpet.

Then a couple of weeks ago when we were just getting ready to begin our monthly club meeting in walks our waitress with Sully in her hands. I'm not sure what Sully was doing with the waitress but he had the biggest smile on his face. I asked him where had he been and the only answer I got was something about a "it's been a long strange trip man."

He left it at that and join the rest of the crew for a few beers while I rambled on about the local trail news.

Once the meeting was over and the beer was gone he hoped into my box of club swag and said let's go. I figured he needed a few days of R&R so I took him home to my house until I could get him back to the trails where he belonged.

Right off the bat Sully and Sneaky Pete hit it off. They both looked strangely alike but when I asked them if they were related they both shook their heads no. I swear I saw Sneaky Pete wink at Sully shortly after.

Sully hadn't been there but a few days when I noticed he was beginning to get a bit restless. Pacing about, staring at the bikes in the bike room.

He even got into my beer stash, which was ok at first but after 2 days he'd drank it all.

He tried to blame some of the beer drinking on Jackson but I knew better.

He even tried to get Moonshine to take him to the trails but she said, "What makes you think I can drive fool?"

Finally once I had a couple of days off I took Sully out to Warriors. I think he was really glad to be home.

He found a nice hiding place, mumbled something about looking for John Kay and layed down for a nap.

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