Monday, January 28, 2013

this weather blows

Man this weather SUX, yeah you know it too. The last couple of winters here in the south have been warmish and dry, spoiling us and allowing us to pretty much ride comfortably all year round. Riding year round even in the cold is not unheard of, I do it every year and have plenty of cold weather gear to combat the temps but this cold, wet weather is really taking a toll on me. The trails are a soggy mess and are pretty much unrideable right now. With 100% chance of rain on Wednesday it doesn't look like much will change anytime soon. Too warm to snow and too cold to dry out before the next round of precipitation.

I've been very tempted to get back out there and start running again but I'm not gonna lie when I say I'm scared too. If I don't get in some sort of ride in the next 2 weeks I'll be forced to test the waters.

Even the past 2 trailwork days have been cancelled due to the sucky weather, we're getting behind on a ridiculously full work schedule and it's driving me crazy.

Alot of progress has been made in the way of trail sign production. Joe and Daniel have been cranking them out left & right from the dry confines of their garages. My end of the deal though, painting the signs, is starting to stack up.

In all my down time I was doing a bit of reading lately, bikes of course but a topic about beer cellars and aging beers caught my eye. After reading about where the best place to store beers that you're aging is a dark basement with a steady temp range of 50-65 degrees I realized the potential my basement has. A few days later I was strolling through the high gravity beer aisle at my local package store when I noticed a new shipment of Sam Adams brew specifically created for this aging process. I figured this must be a sign so I bought my first two and promptly deposited them in the basement hoping I won't be tempting to crack them open early.

Speaking of fine aging, Ocho is growing like a weed and becoming a fine dog. He's definitely a smart one, I wish I had the patience to train him properly. Unlike Moonshine when he does get to ride in the cab of my truck he sits very still and is calm. Moonshine can't and won't do this, even in her old age, riding up front is too muchexcitement for her, she whines and paces constantly. As soon as things dry up I plan to start teaching Ocho the way of trail riding.

With no opportunity to ride I have had plenty of time to do a bit of bike maintenance. Another new handle bar was ordered, this one for the FROG, a matchy matchy Niner Green one. I honestly wasn't planning to go with the green but there was a killer sale and the only color choices were green or orange. I thought hard for a minute about the orange but decided a little too much matchy matchy was better than the orange.

It's a sharp looking bar and I was really tempted to remove all the shifty bits from the handle bar space and make the FROG an SS again but again I held off with my lower back in mind. I'm pretty much pain free but I don't want to push my luck.

Our 2013 calendar is filling up quick, almost too quick, luckily it's all fun bike related trips and adventures. A recent invitation to join a local racing team was extended and while it was tempting I'm standing firm as of now with my decision to pass in favor of keeping my summer free to do rides that are all about the fun factor.

I may throw my hat into the racing ring later this year but as of now I have no race plans on my agenda.

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