Tuesday, June 22, 2010

red hot mama

As stated in my last post I found a crack in the Mamasita and all it took was one phone call on Monday to Salsa from my LBS and a new one was on it's way. By Friday I had the new frame in my possession. Now that's what I call customer service, I hope I have the same service with my next frame which I'm still waiting on by the way.
When I got the new Mamasita home I removed all of the protective foam and padding so I could snap a few pics for selling purposes.

I was impressed with the details in the graphics, some manufacturers simply paint their frames slap on a logo and call it good but with Salsa you get a mini work of art.

At first I wasn't too keen on the red paint scheme but after getting a closer look I'll have to say the graphics are pretty sharp and if I hadn't already placed my order for another frame I would really consider riding the red Mamasita.

If you know someone looking to buy a 29er I'll cut them a sweet deal. I also have a Reba SL 29er and a Salsa Delgado/XT 29er wheelset to go with the frame that I'll add for just a little more $$. With this set up you could easily swap over the rest of the components from a 26" wheeled bike and make the move to 29.

Not much riding for me this weekend, Melinda and I managed to squeeze in a short ride early Friday but that was all. My entire family made the trek to come in town for my youngest sister's wedding shower. We leave in less than 2 weeks to head down to Savannah for a long weekend to see her get married.

While the girl's were doing all things foo foo and sipping fancy punch at the bridal shower, my bro in laws, future bro in law, Dad and I all hit Boone Lake with a slew of kayaks. We put the boats in at Winged Deer park and headed up the lake towards Sonny's Marina as our destination for refueling. Sandwiches, nachos and a few beers were consumed followed by a few entertaining minutes feeding the larger than normal carp that hang out near the dock waiting for the occasional greasy french fry to be tossed their way. If you toss enough into the water I swear you could walk on water like Jesus did but only for a few minutes or as long as the fries last.
The faster this week passes the better, Fri we're hooking up the ECO and heading to Dupont for some camping, singletrack action and good times with friends around the campfire. It looks as if I will be taking the Karate Monkey only this weekend I just hope my legs are up for the thrashing they'll get from only having one gear.

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Anonymous said...

Salsa does not play when they design graphics! I'm gonna miss your old Mama, that grey/black color was gorgeous.

Also paddle faster! I hear banjo music! :-p