Wednesday, June 23, 2010

back in business and time to de-throne the giant

Hell yeah! I'm back in business! The UPS man dropped off a little package for me yesterday and I have a feeling things are going to start picking up here @ riding with dogs. Somebody's got keep the tri-cities cycling bogger world alive.

Thank you Moonshine & Jackson, I couldn't have asked for a better Father's Day gift. I'll put this little guy to good use this weekend at Dupont. I have plenty of ideas in mind for my newest film. I'll finally get to put my new chest mount to use that I got back in April.

Speaking of sorry a$$ blogs I know I've complained here before about the lack of blogging that is in my sidebar. I created a small amount of activity the last time I said something and started moving blogs into categories from the more frequent bloggers to the sorriest. I've even deleted a couple since then. After a year of inactivity I don't see the point in keeping them around I mean come on, why waste the space? I've been toying around with the idea of putting together a list of celebrity bloggers, you know the more famous folks that we all read on a regular basis. I've put this off for a while because everyone knows who they are and I wanted to try and keep it all local but my local peeps just keep letting me down.

I know some of my posts lack in entertain value from time to time but sometimes just getting on here and writing whatever comes to mind with no real purpose can sometimes generate some really good posts.

Ok enough of that, last night my plans were to get out and run the Crazy 8's course, an 8k running race that is coming up in July. I usually slack off in my running during the summer due to my much stronger interest in cycling. I decided I needed to step it up a bit since every year I get my a$$ handed to me by Ironman Chris Dillow. Last year I tried my best not to beat him but just keep him in view but that didn't happen. It's such a popular race and the turnout is so huge that the start of the race is a real cluster. I tried my hardest but ICD was bobbing and weaving through the crowd like a pushy little mexican kid at the amusement park. I dabbed right in an effort not to run over some fat guy who shoulda started at the back and Chris went left and I never saw him again. This year I will not lose him so early in the race. If I have to grab a handful of his shirt or throw a rope around him I will keep him in my sight. His wife Joy suggested on Facebook that I throw a stick or something at him but I might get arrested for that. She said she would do the same but I can't bring myself to do that. Maybe I'll just sneak into his house the night before while everyone is asleep and steal his running shoes. I have a feeling he using something illegal in his shoes to increase his speed. I'm not sure what but everytime he takes a step I swear I see sparks coming off the soles of his running shoes.
My training plan? I'm not going to just run more, I'm going to run when it's nasty outside. Hot weather, bad traffic, tornadoes you name it. I've even been driving home from work everyday this week with the windows up, the heat blasting and pop country music blaring on my stereo just to get me in the A$$ whipping mood.


Anonymous said...

You're either going to be the unstoppable force, or you're going to explode.

Course, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

Christopher said...

pushy little mexican kid?! HA I like it. of course they're usualy running like that b/c they stole your wallet.
I've not run in two weeks, not run distance in forever...but I'm tempted to go dust of the ole run'in shoes after reading this.

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