Saturday, January 15, 2011

bringing the heat with fat tires

Once my headache cleared and the coffee lifted the fog my head was in, I decided to show the AIR9 a little attention today to make sure it's ready for the CX showdown tomorrow afternoon at the Kingsport Cyclocross Cup. Last night was a bit rough at work and I was dragging once I got up but thanks to a pot of coffee I pulled through.
I gave the drivetrain as good a cleaning as I could with a shop rag and lubed the chain. Then I removed the water bottle cages hoping the lack of hydration on the start line will intimidate some of the other racers, either that or make them not take me seriously. JK, I don't want them to get in the way through the barrier sections or whatever the organizers throw at us. I also gathered all my Go Pro gear together to shoot a little footage from the race. I mounted the handlebar mount up but I may end up going with the chest strap. I think the point of view from there is so much better.
I hope there is a good turnout for the fat tire kids, I would really like to see this class return full time next year. I was just checking the start time on and noticed the plan is to start us 1 minute after the CX4's. I'm really interested to see how that pans out. Will any of the mtn bike class catch the CX4's? Will the CX4 leaders lap us? Probably a little of both, but I'm anxious to see how well folks perform, especially myself after all this nasty weather. It's really hurt everyone's fitness, mine included.

In other racing news I secured Melinda and I a camping spot at Bandit's Roost for the 6 Hours of Warriors Creek coming up the first weekend in April. It appears that there will be a strong showing from the NTMBA crowd and the whole weekend will be full of festivities. If your in, come for the whole weekend and if you missed the boat, come out and hang with us anyway. Good times will be had no matter what. There are two other trailheads to ride while the race is going on.

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