Sunday, January 16, 2011

this ain't yer freakin' mama's bike race

It's been a little over two years now since I raced a cyclocross race but it didn't take long for me to remember how much it hurts. I decided to give it another shot this weekend since the organizers threw in a mountain bike class. There was no doubt in my mind that I was not ready for today's race but the entry fee was low, there were no points and there were no prizes. The rumor on the street is that it was a test to see if there would be enough racers to make it a permanent class in next year's MSG series. Hopefully our dreams will come true.

I owned a cyclocross bike for a couple of years but I never felt right dancing with it. The year before I bought my cx bike I raced my singlespeed mtn bike and loved it. I was convinced I needed a cx bike but it just wasn't the same and last spring I sold it to fund the AIR9 I raced today. Today that feeling returned, it definitely hurt, especially after the PBR hand ups Iron Man Dillow was handing out but it was still fun.

I only had one goal, not to get lapped by the lead CX4 guys who started a full minute ahead of us. The first lap I probably went out too hard but it was either go out hard or get left in the dust and Alan and Fat Tony were cutting me no slack the entire time.

I was surprised at the lack of barriers in the race, there were only two and one telephone pole laying diagonally across the course. I was able to cross the pole without dismounting but had to run the barriers. I was also surprised at how well I felt doing so, especially since it's been so long since the last time I did it. On lap number 2 I had so much mud in my cleats from running up a peanut buttery hill I struggled to get clipped in.

After the first lap I never saw the leaders again but then again they weren't stopping for mid lap refreshments.

The tough looking guy on the far right was the one shoving PBR's in our faces. Thanks Chris.
I hope that the good showing of fat tires today does bring the mtn bike class to the MSG series next year I would like to do this again. I don't think I will ever enjoy cx as much as mountain bike racing for a couple of reasons one being it doesn't last long enough and riding around in a field is not as exciting. It's all about how fast you can go for 30 - 45 minutes. The cool thing about cx racing is that the entire course is viewable, the spectators are everywhere and the heckling is too. I've never heard so much trash talk by people standing on the sidelines as I have at a cx race. In a mountain bike race you really only see the spectators at the start and finish line.
Next year I might actually buy a license, this could be fun. Thank you Melinda for taking the great pictures during the race.

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