Monday, April 4, 2011

6 Hours of Warrior Creek re-cap: part 1

Oh man what an awesome weekend, not only did the weather cooperate with us, so did my allergies. I felt great all weekend and not once did I feel like dead people were trying to communicate. I'm not gonna lie I wasn't feeling that positive about the weather when we left Friday morning for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, not only did we get a weather warning call from the weather Mama but as soon as we rolled into Boone we hit snow. Luckily I was dressed for the occasion in shorts and a t-shirt. As we rolled down the mountain into Wilkesboro the snowed stopped, the sun came out and the temps began to rise. It wasn't really warm or cold but as long as the sun was shining I was happy. Not wanting to get burned by an unsuspecting rain shower like last weekend, Melinda and I decided to hit the trail early. Andy rolled into camp fresh from the Niner demo at the Warrior Creek trails and reported back that there were no SIR9's in attendance so we opted to hit the OVT which started just up the road from our campsite. The OVT was in great shape, smooth fast and bermy, Melinda's skills have really began to improve as she is riding over stuff she walked last year and she is really beginning to pick up the pace. Back at camp more and more peeps rolled in, the campfire was lit and beverages began being comsumed. I never really realized how sneaky Chris Dillow can be when it comes to racing. While we were preparing dinner he walked up to me and handed me a brown bag, the kind you only get from a liquor store and said Happy Birthday. All night he talked and talked about drinking Jim Beam but he never poured one drop he just sipped his beer with a funny smile on his face that I sear looked like he was holding back an evil laugh. Brad has been telling me for a while about his newest hobby, playing the ukulele but I had yet to see him perform. As we were all relaxing around the campfire he broke it out and handed me the lyrics sheet and asked me to sing. I'm not much of a singer but pour a little Jim Beam in my cup and I'll sing all night. I've yet to review the Flip cam footage of our campfire concert but I'd say it will be entertaining. We sang a little Johnny Cash, Coldplay and some Old Crow Medicine Show. It was good times indeed, maybe if we practice enough we can take our show on the road and make enough to pay for our race fees. If you missed this one the next show will be April 16th at Panther Creek. Not wanting to ruin a good day of racing and realizing Chris was up to something I swapped out my drink for water and I swear Chris's evil grin turned into a frown. As expected a rain storm did show up but only after we called it a night and were in bed. It was brief but was followed by another just before dawn waking me up early. Just coming off of my early day shift schedule at work I never went back to sleep. I tossed and turned for about 2 hours thinking about what the conditions would be for the race while trying to remain positive. Enough for now I've got a ton of things to do today around the house including an interview with one of the local newspapers about mountain biking in Northeast TN. To be continued......

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