Tuesday, April 26, 2011

things are getting a bit racy

It seems to be a trend lately, a lack of fitness that is. I've been hearing that lately and it actually makes me feel a bit better. I'm in the same boat, life in general has caused my riding to take a bit of a backseat. I am finally getting caught back up on some of the work that's been pending at our house for some time. I hope this weekend things will turn around and I'll get back out on the bike. I really need to that's for sure especially with 2 more races just around the corner.

Next on tap for GRT Racing is the 12 Hours of Tsali, I missed this one last year due to the Night Owl race which I placed a respective 3rd place in my class. Originally I planned another solo attempt for Tsali but Andy and Abby were looking to put together a 4 man team so Anthony and I decided to go for it. The entry fee this year seems to be a bit cheaper than I remember @ $40 and that includes a t-shirt surprisingly. I wonder if the folks from Gone Riding realized they needed to give a little back in order to keep racers coming back.

The cool thing about doing the 4 man team is I'll have more time to hang out with Melinda and the dogs during the race and I won't be as physically spent the following day. Due to my lack of riding in the past couple of weeks this may be a good thing, I'm not sure I'm ready for a 12 hour solo attempt.

Also on tap, the H8R, the 2nd race in the TN Cup Endurance racing series. Coming up in June B-Rad and I will be heading to Haw Ridge in Knoxville for this one. We're not strangers to this course nor podium finishes there either so hopefully we can continue with good finishes and stay on top.

Speaking of good finishes I was looking over the lap times for the Ocho and I realized that we did out run the 2nd place Open Team which consisted of 4 racers. That may have been what we heard at the award ceremony. Mine and B-Rad's time were pretty close during the entire race just dropping a minute or two after each lap but we consistently stayed around the 1 hour mark. Brad's last lap was one of his best times during the race, right before he went out for his fourth lap he asked me if I thought we could get 8 laps. I told him to haul ass because I expected to get in a 4th as well and he did just that.

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