Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the watered down spaghetti, complaint free blog post

With the forecast for today looking grim at a 70% chance of rain and a couple of nightshifts coming up I decided Monday would be my best day to get a ride in and lay off the bike until the weekend. I was really wanting to get over to Warriors, the land of roots, rocks and all the fun techy stuff to put the new drivetrain on the JET9 to the test but it's rained almost everyday for the last couple of days and there are several trees down so I headed to Bays Mountain instead.

Bays Mountain is quite a bit different type of terrain compared to Warriors, much more climbing and alot less technical stuff. I hear alot of people who ride Bays on a regular basis say they don't like riding Warriors because it's too hard, I really don't understand this. Warriors is a really fun place to ride alot more fun than Bays, well for now. You see Bays has alot of fireroads that you must ride in order to connect the good singletrack. The potential for singletrack at Bays is HUGE and we're building as fast as we can and the as fast as the park will allow but it's going to take some time.

The newest trail which is currently under construction is the Chestnut trail, right now it's rideable and about 60% complete so in an effort to put the JET to the test I began there before climbing to the top.

The new MRP chainguide/bashguard worked well, there was a bit of chain rub but I'll be taking care of that with a grinder tonight.

I posted up a picture of the MRP on Facebox when in came in and I got a comment from a fellow rider about one of the other designs that just has the chain guide, no bashguard. I run a bashguard and always will, I'll never understand why some people don't. Well I guess if you don't ride in places that have alot of rocks and tech stuff to cross there is no need. I just don't like the idea of bashing my chainring and chain on the rocks especially since I have only one up front.

I made this little gem a couple of weeks ago when I was still planning to go the singlespeed route. I always ran a bell on the Karate Monkey so I figured I would do the same on my new SS. Since the SS is out of the picture for now I decided to go ahead and put the bell on the JET9. The JET is my fun bike, the bike I like to play around on and try not to be too serious with.

A few days ago I was bombing down Bear Run at Bays Mountain when I came across this hole in the trail and had to slam on the brakes. The picture really does not do it justice but I don't think I could ride across it.

The tree that took away the section of my trail, it's root ball is easily the size of a small car.

Again this picture does not do it justice, I thought about propping my bike up against it to have a reference point on the size. It's freaking huge.

Other than the chain rub that occurred when I was in my granny gears the new drivetrain ran smoothly. It will definitely see some action this weekend at the 12 Hours of Tsali.

Speaking of Tsali I've been having some fun lately at the expense of Gone Riding and evidently there are some local folks who have taken it a bit personally. It's not the first time I've poked fun at them nor the first time someone has taken offense to it. The fun I've been poking is about the spaghetti they served at the last race Gone Riding race I attended, the 12 Hours of Tsali, two years ago. It was cheap, watered down and all we got for our hefty entry fee. Most races at least give you a t-shirt or pint glass, we got watered down spaghetti. Now if I was really that upset about this I would simply just not attend anymore of their events but I'm not, I'm just having some fun at their expense. This year we are getting a t-shirt with our entry fee so who knows maybe this year is different. So AC, in honor of you I will not complain about the watered down spaghetti the folks at Gone Riding served us and I would like to dedicate this blog post to you. I shall title it, "the watered down spaghetti, complaint free blog post".

Speaking of Aaron Casey and Gone Riding, he did podium at the most recent SERC race, so congrats to you little buddy. Job well done!

Well since I promised no talk of watered down spaghetti I guess that's all I have to say.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to talking about watered down spaghetti as I continue my quest in training to prepare myself if watered down spaghetti is served again this year at the 12 Hours of Tsali.

Oh yeah I did manage to get the Bike @ Bays footage together and edited.


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