Monday, November 21, 2011

would you like a bag for that?

These days almost everyone has a smart phone, they are hugely popular and very handy. I have one that I carry with me at all times. I can remember when I was first contemplating buying one, I was trying to figure out how to justify spending the extra cash. For over a year I couldn't see the necessity so I kept on just getting by with a regular old phone, one that makes calls and well, makes calls. I think it did have a camera but I couldn't upload pics to the internet. After a while I couldn't stand it anymore and I bought both Melinda and myself one. I had figured out a plan by cutting our minutes in half that we could justify the purchase. Now that I've had one for over 2 years I can't imagine not having one. They are so convenient and having the internet at your fingertips comes in very handy all the time. Not to mention the most important, posting everything we do from eating a sandwhich to riding a new trail on Facebook.

So as you can image, the accessories for these phone are everywhere, there are gadgets for your gadget and covers to protect your gadget and so on. Well the bike industry has finally tapped into this. There are all kinds of bike related apps you can download but what I'm talking about are the protectors for you phone. I always carry my phone while riding because not only would it be good in case of an emergency but who knows when I might catch a glimpse of Bigfoot and capture a pics for Facebook. Can you imagine the hits and comments your FB account would get if you posted up a Sasquatch photo?

Anyway, when I bought my first "smartphone" I realized just shoving it in my jersey pocket was not going to work. This was a delicate and expensive piece of equipment. I thought long and hard about how to protect my investment from sweat, rain, mud, impacts and Sasquatch incounters. Stashing it in my camelbak is the best protection but I only carry a pack on long hot rides so I needed something small that fit in my jersey pocket.

I've noticed several new wallets or bags made just for this.

Probably one of my favorites by Lezyne but very pricey @ $40. It holds alot more than just your phone but I think by the time I get my phone out of this contraption I would have missed my chance to snap a photo of Bigfoot.

This one is a little cheaper @ $30 but carries alot less. I really don't have a need for credit cards and cash in the woods but it would be handy on the road. Not to mention the canvas would get pretty stinky soaking up all the sweat.

This one it pretty plain and simple for only $20.

I've looked at many different versions but I've yet to spring for any because of this one.

The good ole zip lock bag, a box of 50-100 for $2-$3. It's a no brainer, they also work well for maps, cameras and well just about anything no bigger than a ham sandwich.

This rain is about to ruin the really nice temperatures we've been having, I totally planned to ride tomorrow but with a 70% chance of rain it's not looking good and with Thanksgiving and work this weekend I may be off the bike until next week. Melinda and I were just discussing that we should start a Thanksgiving ride tradition. I'm hoping we can start the tradition this year.

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Anonymous said...

Ziplocs come in all sizes, up to gallon size.. Now try to stuff one of those into your jersey pocket!