Sunday, February 19, 2012

new artwork

There has been some new artwork coming down the pipe for our local club, I would love to tell you I had a hand in designing all of it but I didn't. Our newest t-shirt, the "Trail Gnome" shirt, I was working on and before I was even halfway through my computer bit the dust. Luckily I had saved what I did do to my external hard drive. The bad part is I lost all of my graphics software and had to had it off to a friend of mine to finish. He is also a local screen printer, Torbett Designs, and he also printed the shirts for us.

If you're wondering what the cost for a sweet Trail Gnome t-shirt is, it's 15 hours of local trailwork and you must log your hours at With all the work we have on tap there is plenty to do, a few of the shirts are already spoken for so if you're interested get one while the gettin's good.

Also on tap is our new NTMBA jersey that Anthony has laid down his superb graphics skill into. The topo map is of local origin, the Cherokee National forest. There will be matching short/bibs and Sock Guy socks. These are for sale so if you're interested visit The dealine for orders will be March 5th.

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