Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what to do now?

Yes I realize my recent blog posts have lacked any interesting subject matter but it seems as that's the case for most I've been reading as well. Maybe it's the crappy weather, maybe it's the rising gas prices, maybe it's all the hard core training going on that some feel is interesting to read or maybe it's just that there is nothing interesting going on worth talking about. I got up early today thinking I was going to sneak in a ride, but as I was sipping my morning coffee I heard something funny on the roof. Unfortunately it wasn't Santa, but our frequent friend the rain storm who has definitely overstayed his welcome. If you're paying attention yes the rain didn't start until 10:30 and I said I got up early but 10:30 is early when you didn't go to bed until 6am. So I'm sitting here watching the rain and I figured I might as well try to coax a blog post out of my head that might be worth reading. There's definitely nothing interesting to read as I have my morning breakfast of PB&J so I might as well write.

I squeezed in a ride yesterday at Bays Mountain checking out the new trail additions that so far have gotten rave reviews from my peers. I think we did good, but it's funny when you standing out in the woods trying to decide how to get the most fun out of every line and turn and then as you start to ride it you realize the line in your head was way off the actual line you ride. Everytime I ride it I find new spots I think that can be improved to squeeze a little more fun out of the flow. Add a berm here, place this rock there. "Is that tree too close to the landing zone if I build a jump there?" I'm almost to the point where I want to carry and handfull of pin flags and a black magic marker to mark these spots so I won't forget what I discovered when I come back with the weapons of mass trail construction. I'm not a parent but this almost feels like raising a kid. You groom it and work with it hoping one day it will become a trail of epic proportions. What did I just say? I've got to get out of the house.

The weekend does look promising, no rain in the forecast and plenty of riding on tap. Sweet Melinda has a birthday this Friday so we'll be riding where she wants and having beers where she wants. The cool thing is, we usually agree on what's fun and tasty. Well except for shopping, I'm not much of a fan unless it's in a bike shop and there's a wad of cash in my pocket.

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