Friday, September 7, 2012

a short post about a dog and a lack of self discipline

I was in the mood to post yesterday but put it off due to the need to get stuff done around the house, later that evening I didn't feel the urge to post anything. Today I half way feel the need to post but I have a feeling it's gonna be half a$$ed. No photos just random discussion, one sided only that is.
I have plenty to share, pics and all just no urge to do so and really I need to be doing other stuff.
Trying to up my running game this week but only 1 run in so far, we have a certain new addition to the crew that demands constant attention. Anyway I am going to squeeze in a run today, a trail run. I'm a little burned out on the bike so I've done more stuff like kayaking and running lately. It's actually been a little over a week since my last ride and I'm cool with that. Another thing I've been off of, my healthy eating, not that I was really that healthy of an eater but the past 3 nightshifts at work there have been an arsenal of homemade cakes and fruit cobblers laying about, sheesh! 3 cakes and 2 cobblers all over the course of 3 days. I sampled every single one of them, a couple more than once.
I've been bad.
So last weekend we adopted another dog, a black lab mix from a rescue in NC. A male, 2 months old with absolutely no training whatsoever. I forgot how much fun it is to house break a dog.  Sleepless nights, cleaning up pee and poop off the carpet, picking up dog toys in every room of the house. It's great though, he's a ton of fun and really cute. Ocho is his name and no we did not name him after any football players. We've had him less than a week and Moonshine and I have already had him out training to be a trail dog twice. This weekend, he goes on his first camping trip, weather permitting. Yeah we're making sure we cover the most important things in his training. Once he gets a little bigger we'll buy him a proper Cycle Dog collar.
More stuff to come as I feel like typing and posting: photos, kayaking trips, pub crawls, new tires on the JET's and of course more dogs stuff. Oh yeah and a primitive back country camping trip this weekend. Should be interesting.

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