Thursday, March 20, 2008

My first post! Yeehaw!

Thursday March 20, 2008
Welcome to my blog, this here is my first post. I'm glad your here! I'm sitting here trying to figure this whole blog thing out while I should be outside since the sun is out doing some much needed yardwork. I've got a road ride planned later today with a buddy but until the rest of the world gets off work I'll just hang out with the kids (moonshine & jackson). Even though it did rain all day yesterday Melinda and I did manage to get out and ride our new cruisers around the neighborhood before the much hyped storm blew through. The weatherman managed to talk up the huge storm that was supposed to hit our area and have possible tornadoes but it was nothing. I think they make a big deal out of the weather just to boost ratings just like the media. Anyway enough of this I gotta get off here and do something.


bethany said...

where do you put all those bikes?

Riding with dogs said...

haven't you ever seen our bike room? we actually got rid of a couple lately