Sunday, December 27, 2009

are the holidays over?

Once again the holidays are over and every year I say I'm not gonna eat bad, yeah right. I say I'm gonna workout everyday, yeah right. I did do a little better than usual but there seemed to be a few to many cinnamon rolls out there that found there way into my mouth. I have been trying to sneak in some calorie burn time as much as possible but the elliptical trainer at work is really getting old and my ipod selection is getting stale.
Still no riding here for me as the trails are not completely clear but they're close thanks to a mean crew wielding chain saws and clippers. I wish I could say I have been out there in the thick of it doing my part but I haven't, all of the work has been done while I sit at work. Thanks again to all those who have done the work, you are very much appreciated. What's funny is there are probably alot of riders out there who probably won't know there was ever a mess.

Santa was good to Melinda and I this year, I'm anxious to get out and test out some new gear and bling. I spent a good portion of a day installing new cranks on both Melinda and my bikes. Some carbon here and there and a whole new cockpit for the Mamasita.
Probably one of the coolest things I got was a flip cam.

I'm kind of obsessed just a bit with shooting video and taking pics which does make the blog a bit more interesting in my opinion. I have a feeling this little guy will see alot of trail time and up the cycling videos a bit. I generally hate having a bunch of stuff in my jersey pockets but this thing is too much fun to leave at home and it's very simple to use which makes shooting video with full finger gloves on a whole lot easier.

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