Friday, December 4, 2009

what's on your Christmas list?

Every year I ponder on whether to make out a Christmas list or not, actually I always plan to make one but every year I decide to keep it simple and I think to myself, "be conservative". You might be thinking to yourself, Christmas List? Who really does that? Well my family does and has for years, it's kind of a tradition and we always buy gifts for each other anyway so making a lists makes things easier. It's actually kind of a fun thing to do, see what my folks put on their lists especially my Dad, he likes to add items that are usually out of everyone's price ranges just for a laugh. It's not unsual to see an AK-47 or some sort of antique British race car. Me I kinda like to do the same but of course the things I put on my list are bike related. This year was no exception, halfway through my list I added a pumptrack, hey why not. It really wouldn't cost anything other than a little hardwork. For the past 3 or 4 years a Surly Cross Check has graced the list, this year a new color was requested, "Beef Gravy Brown". I know I haven't raced much CX in over a year but I love a good CX bike and a steel frame has been on my mind for some time now.
When Melinda and I first got married it took her some time to get used to making out a Christmas list but we eventually won her over. She still has the shortest list of the family. The first year she submitted her list, my Mom was surprised at her list accusing me of making it for her. She did have a few girly items but there was also bike parts which my Mom thought was crazy. What girl puts bike parts on her Christmas list? I had to convince her that Melinda made the list on her own with no persuasion by me whatsoever. I think still to this day my Mom has trouble with believing it and I'm pretty sure she has yet to buy her anything bike related. She always goes for the more proper female items or at least in her mind.

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