Thursday, November 18, 2010

babies, mustaches & PBR

I couple of weeks prior to the Hill of Truth race I was checking out the pics and write-ups from the Single Speed World Championships held in New Zealand this year. I was inspired a bit to grow some cool facial hair and with the HOT coming up I thought what a better time to do so. After the race I almost shaved it off multiple times but for some reason I held on to it trying to come up with a cool reason to keep it other than it just looking badass.

Then Fat Tony introduced me to Movember, a movement started in Australia for men to let their stashes grow in awareness for cancers that effect men. It was then I knew I had to keep it going at least until the end of the month. My goal maybe through the end of the year who knows, I've gotten alot of compliments on it and as long as I keep it from growing over my upper lip Melinda likes it. No I will not give my stashe it's own identity, that's already been done by more than one blogger in my sidebar.
Another new introduction is my newest niece, Josephine. Melinda, Beth and I hit the road to Nashville early Monday morning as my sister Becky was induced and before we could even finish our lunch Josephine was checking out her new world.

Today I have two rides planned, one during the day @ Bays Mtn, the other tonight @ Warriors Path. My ride today will probably be short in mileage but long in time, why? I'm taking a few newbies riding. They're not really new to bikes just new to singletrack. I've talked about these guys before, they're the guys I work with who like to venture out to the Creeper every once in a while and most recently out on the river in kayaks. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned doing some more riding but one expressed his loss of interest in cycling because it wasn't as exciting as kayaking. I quickly reminded him that the only riding he's done has been on the Creeper and the local Greenbelt, probably the easiest & most boring rides as far as terrain goes. The Creeper is a beautiful place to ride but it's far from being a mountain bike ride. It's the place where roadies ride off road. So I told this guy it was time to take his riding to the next level, singletrack. I've not got a huge crew going today and I'm not even sure if the guy who made the boring comment will show but I hope to plant a seed. We're gonna take it slow, easy and steer away from the big climbs rocks and roots. Tonight's ride will be a bit different, the terrain and pace will be a bit more exciting. The Thursday Night Ride is our weekly night ride @ 6:30 @ Warriors Path. Not to be confused with the TNR road ride, this is for folks with fat tires only. Well you can try and bring your CX bike but I hope you can hang. I will be rocking the Magicshine with my recalled batteries so if my pack looks larger than usual it's because I'm carrying a fire extinguisher in case I catch fire. I can't stop riding while Geoman rounds up some replacements.
There has been alot of smack talk going on via email the past two days. The Turkey Trot, a 5k run is being held Thanksgiving morning in JC and it looks like a few of the GRT crew will be in attendance. I upped the anty with a hot PBR tallboy for the last GRT member who crosses the finish line. I'm still not sure if Alan will show but what else is new, he says he's no runner but neither am I.

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