Tuesday, November 9, 2010

running around inside the house

This year there have been a few changes in schedules at our house, mainly in Melinda's schedule. Some that have really allowed her more free time which she has put to good use. There has been no extra TV time or shopping, I'm talking about riding & working out. She really struggled to find time for her extra curricular activities the past couple of years due to her work load but now with the new changes she has really stepped on the gas and is seeing significant changes in her fitness.
Sunday when we were at Bays Mountain riding we basically split up in to 2 groups. Her in one and I in the other. As my group was was regrouping at the top of the first climb Melinda came rolling in leading a fierce charge to the top really impressing my group. She asked why had we waited on her but we told her we hadn't, we had just arrived ourselves. As we continued our climb reaching the final destination we stopped took a couple breathes, turned around and saw her chasing us down again. We started out with the intention of being 2 group rides but ended up as one. From there on she stayed on our rear wheel except for one section of singletrack, she opted for a different route, another lung busting climb putting in more miles than the whole group.
Yesterday she took her fitness to another level as we purchased a treadmill. For sometime Melinda has struggled with a bone spur in her heal that keeps her from running outside. In an effort to boost her running we bought a treadmill, which may also keep me sane on the days where getting outside just won't happen. When I bought the treadmill the thought of Melinda and I carrying it from the truck into the house by ourselves didn't really cross my mind. I never realized how heavy they were until we tried to lift it out of the truck bed. It was too late to call in help, we had no dolly and leaving it outside unattended for the night was unacceptable. We thought it through and finally came to the conclusion that we could unpack in and carry it piece by piece into the house. The main and heaviest piece, the platform, required us to assemble it in the driveway, attach the wheels to the base and roll in as it was still to heavy and I'm not interested in anymore back injuries.
Speaking of running my boy B-Rad just finished a 50 miler, The Mountain Masochist, a ridiculously long trail running race that I can only imagine doing. Check him out and read about his adventures here. If your one of those who thinks they just don't have time for exercise think again. Brad has two young kids who are full of energy but still yet he makes it work in some pretty creative ways and still has time for his family. Read his blog but only if you can handle him making you feel like a lazy excuse making bum because he will. Not on purpose but by his choice in lifestyle and his fire for all things adventurous.
All this talk about running lately especially with Fat Tony and his new "running for a good cause blog" has given me the itch in a big way. If I can only talk myself into leaving the new full squish Niner (Vana) at home every once in a while I'll be good.

Get outside this week, cold temps or not.

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Anthony Duncan said...

Plenty of spots open in that BAE half this weekend!