Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was bored when I wrote this

It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I've been working all weekend so there are no good stories to tell. Since I've not been actually riding I've done quite a bit of thinking about riding, specifically the JET9, a bike that continues to impress me. I never thought I would like or enjoy it as much as I have. I never thought it would be a good climber or be a good bike to race or even ride at a place like Bays Mtn. but it is. It climbs like no other full squish bike I've ridden but that's really not saying much since I've not ridden many. I know there are several out there that climb better. Most of the squishy bikes that I've ridden bobbed all over the place some of that was crappy design and some due to the wrong shock pressure for my weight. Speaking of shock pressure, I probably outta check mine, I haven't since I set it up properly over a month ago.

Although the bike doesn't climb like the AIR9 it climbs much better than I ever expected even with the Pro Pedal off. The little bit it lacks in comparison to the AIR9 it makes up for everywhere else. It doesn't have all of the travel the more popular RIP9 has but I'm more than satisfied with how much it ups my confidence level going down the nasty stuff, especially with the leaves hiding the danger. Sometimes I ponder on if I should have went for the SIR9 (steel hardtail, geared or SS) over the AIR9. I love the AIR9 but sometimes I still wonder. I feel confident the JET will be a more than capable race bike. I really wished I had taken the JET9 out for a lap during the H.O.T. but I was too worried about lap times and making the podium to take the chance. Now that I look back I think it would have performed excellent, maybe even better than the AIR9 since the course was so technical compared to some in the past.

Currently the JET9 is set up to run as a 1x9 but I've had thoughts of throwing on a 11-36 cassette to help with the really long climbs until the 2x10 technology becomes more affordable. Future upgrades will include a tapered thru axle fork and wheelset. other than that it's a sweet bike.

With the end of the year approaching I'm already thinking of goals to set for myself to improve my fitness. For sometime I've really been wanting to buckle down and get serious about upping my game but not so serious that I take all the fun out of it. Can I reach that goal and still get to where I would really like to be? Probably not but trying and getting halfway there is better than most. My trouble, like most is my eating habits, I have a hard time skipping the bad stuff, especially when it comes in the form of a homemade cake brought in on a nightshift by one of my co-workers.

I am already thinking about 2011 and what races I would like to enter but I've yet to see how my work schedule jives with the season. I missed out on more races this year than the past couple of years, maybe in 2011 that will be different. I've already got the TN Cup series on my mind as well as the 12 Hours of Tsali. Of course there is the 6 Hours of Warriors Creek which I really hope to redeem myself at this year, the one measly lap I did last year is still bothering me. Hopefully with my new allergy meds I can race clear headed and not worry about dropping out due to seeing flying elephants or running off the trail because I can't focus. Another goal I have is to get back on my road bike more, sorry Melinda.

I'm sorry this post is so boring but I already tried throwing handfuls of skittles at one of my co-workers and screaming "Taste the flavor!" but all that got me was a good ole fashion cussing. Melinda did talk me into leaving work early today to take her riding, not that she had to try very hard, so maybe this day will turn out good after all.

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