Sunday, March 18, 2012

breaking more stuff

First there was a plan, said plan included loading up the bikes, driving over to Dupont and riding the sh*t out of the awesome trails Dupont has to offer. The night before there was some debate about the weather forecast. Depending on which site you chose to look at you could get anywhere from a 30% chance of T-storms to a 60% chance. I always choose and for the most part it's pretty accurate. The plans remained in tact and we went to bed with early morning ride plans.

When my alarm went off the next morning I checked the forecast again, things had changed a bit, from 30 to 50% but not until later than afternoon. In my mind we were still good but not everyone was in the same mind frame as me. The more it was discussed the more people started to doubt. Within an hour all plans were cancelled and a new plan was hatched to ride local at Bays Mountain.

The weather stayed dry all day, meh

I had been going back and forth prior to the Dupont cancellation on which bike to take, the JET or the frog. I knew the JET would be more fun but I'm super stoked on the frog right now. With a change of plans to Bays Mountain I knew the frog was a fine choice. My last ride on the frog I noticed my rear tire had gone a wee bit soft but not enough to fret over during the ride and I forgot about it until I went to load up the bikes and it only had about 3 psi in it. I had this same issue with the front about a month ago and once I re-Stans'd it everything was fine. I didn't have time for that so I pumped it up and hoped for the best. A half mile into the ride I knew it wasn't going to last. I threw a tube in, shot it with some CO2 and stomped on the pedals to play catch-up.

There really wasn't much of a ride plan so we pretty much made it up as we went along and somehow we ended up riding down all the fun downhills, turning around and riding back up them death march style in my case. Surprisingly I cleaned a majority only walking a few sections. The frog was wearing me out, it was the most climbing I'd done on it yet.

 Remember the broken white WTB Silverado from my last post? I replaced it with a brand spanking new black one. Well, it didn't make it through the first ride unscathed. I've never had an issue with WTB saddles then bam, I break 2 in less than a week, back to back rides.

Really I didn't break this one, I just managed to rip it off the seat rails. The problem is, it's such a tight fit I've yet to get it back on.

How it went down, I was riding up a hill and I was pretty beat so my line was getting sloppy. I clipped a tree with my handlebar and down I went. The only thing I can figure is that when I landed my leg must have clipped the nose of the saddle pulling it off. After multiple attempts to pop it back in place I ended up zip-tieing the nose on and rode standing up the rest of the way out yet again.

When I crashed I scraped up both of my legs pretty good, I had no idea until I saw the blood running down my shin.

Sneaky Pete returns! This little guy isn't porcelain, I think he's made of plaster or something so if a herd of rowdy dogs run through and knock him over he should survive.

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