Tuesday, March 6, 2012

back to the SS

This weekend I sent the AIR9 to be with another, I found it a good home, one that hopefully will see plenty of good singletrack time. We shared a good couple of years together and this frame made me the Ninerd that I am today. It was my first Niner frame, one that caused me to fall in love with the brand and want no other but it was also the gateway drug that has caused my bank account to suffer many losses. I will miss that frame.

It's replacement is in and currently residing at my LBS. The replacement is none other than the long awaited SIR9 in kermit green. I've always had a soft place in my heart for steel frames and singlespeeding and with this frame I can have my cake and smash it in someone else's face if I want. I can also run gears if I think it's necessary but for now it will be a singlespeed. I just hope my body can handle the abuse. I'm not sure when I'll get by the shop to pick it up, I'm stll waiting on a couple of key parts before I can begin the build. A new matchy matchy Niner carbon seatpost and a Niner seat collar were supposed to be ordered but got lost somewhere in the lines of communications so I'll have to wait a little longer.

No I didn't go for the RDO post it's waaay out of my price range. I was hesitant on going carbon all together, I've ran Thompson seatposts exclusively for years but I figure I'm due for a change.

Pretty aren't they.

Saturday I was cooking some pancakes in the kitchen when I noticed movement out my back door. Three large dogs were standing on our back deck having their own little private party. Melinda and I immediately went outside to say hello to our guests. Moonshine and Jackson just stayed inside and barked. They were very friendly and seemed to be enjoying themselves but didn't look familiar. Only two had collars but no identification so we had no one to contact.

In the commotion Sneaky Pete lost his head and had to be buried, poor guy we're gonna miss him. Good thing for us Gnomes are on the shelves everywhere so Sneaky Pete will return re-incarnated!

Have you ever heard of March Madness? Probably, I'm not talking basketball. March trail madness, it's all the local rage. I'm putting up a growler of beer to the person who puts in the most local trailwork hours for the month of March. Not to mention anyone who puts in 15 local trailwork hours gets a free trail gnome t-shirt. With all these great incentives why wouldn't you want to build some trail? Check here for more details and workdates.

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