Friday, March 16, 2012

breaking stuff

Well I think I've just about gotten the frog broken in properly, I'm not sure if I've got it dialed in where it fits like a glove just yet, that may take some more time in the saddle. Yesterday I planned to squeeze in 2 separate rides, the first one was plagued by a mechanical, the second one Mother Nature said I'd ridden enough.

Halfway through my first ride I came to the realization that I'd broke one of the rails on my saddle. It's been a while since I've done this, especially since I made the decision to ride WTB saddle only. They make great stuff and they're very comfy on my behind but I guess every once in a while things break. Thankfully I was riding the frog and it being a singlespeed, saddles are not something that get used much. The words sit and spin up the hill do not exist in a singlespeeders vocabulary.

After taking this picture it has dawned on me that I don't wash the underside of my saddles properly. I mean look how disgusting it is under there! Oh the horror!

Once home I promptly paid a visit to the receipt drawer to see if I still had the receipt for the broken saddle and I did! Thankfully I purchased it the same day I purchased the AIR9 and to my surprise it was still under warranty.

The black Silverado saddle that I had previously thought about attaching to the frog was bolted in place and the white one was removed. It just so happened that I needed to make a trip over to my LBS to pick up his and her JET9's from getting the brake lines trimmed so with broken saddle in hand I ran out the door.

I got to the shop a bit early and was able to see the entire process of cutting and bleeding the new Shimano XT's, a very simple process indeed, once I procure the proper tools I feel confident I can perform myself. Actually there was no real need to bleed the brakes as the trimming process went flawlessly.

This week is NASCAR week in my town, the circus has officially rolled in. Normally I pay a visit to my local Wal-Mart to ogle at the cars, normally they consist of mostly cars of the less famous drivers but yesterday it was different. There were several big name rides in attendance including Dale Jr's car. Of course I snapped a few pics but oddly Dale Jr. was no where to be found.

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