Wednesday, July 25, 2012

jackson's post

I know I've been slacking pretty bad this summer here on the blog front and I do believe I said that in my last post. I apologize and I'll apologize again for this post as it's not a good one.

Last Thursday we lost Jackson, our kid, (dog) of 9 years. He was getting old and for his breed mix he lasted at the long end of his normal life span. He was a great dog and companion even when he drove me crazy with his nervousness that seemed to get worse as he aged.

We came home to find him laying on his bed not wanting to get up Wednesday afternoon. I coaxed him up and out the door and watched him stumble like a drunk out the door. I knew it wasn't good and he seemed to be incoherent. Within a couple of minutes of going outside he began vomiting and fell on his face. We immediately rushed him to the after hours clinic and admitted him. They took some x-rays, and did some blood work and decided it was probably Pancreatitus, an infection of the Pancreas. We left him over night for treatment thinking he would be fine according to the vet.

The next morning before work I called to check on him. The vet said he was doing better so I decided to go on to work. Melinda went to pick up Jackson to take him to our regular vet but upon arrival she felt like he looked the same. When she arrived with him at our vet he had to be carried in on stretcher. After reviewing his bloodwork and x-rays they didn't think he had Pancreatitus but weren't sure what was wrong. As the vet came in and began discussing our options with Melinda, Jackson began having seizures and died shortly after. Three vets working together tried to bring him back with no luck.

It was a sad day and even a tougher weekend as it took a couple of days for things to sink in for me. I took his loss alot harder than I thought I would. Jackson had always been a Momma's boy but I loved him just the same.

I apologize for such a sad post but I felt the need to share since he was such a big part of our lives. I will leave you with this video, one of my favorites from a few years back of the dogs running the trails with me.


I promise I will get back into blogging soon and bring more positive vibes soon. Thanks for reading.

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