Friday, July 27, 2012

mixing it up

So I promised more blog posts and less talk about sad stuff that might make you cry so here I am ready to deliver..................


I think I forgot how to blog and write something halfway entertaining.

My last ride out on the FROG left me feeling kinda bummed, ever since I bought a Fox fork I've grown to dislike my Reba more and more. My last ride on it was out at Warrior Creek and although they have a fairly smooth trail system, there is a new section called the Head Waters Loop a trail that will leave you feeling like a rookie for sure. It has some of the nastiest rock gardens I've encountered in a while. And they throw it at you near the end of the loop so you're already feeling a bit tired, at least I was. Anyway, the Reba on the FROG felt like a freaking pogo stick. Some of that is my lack of attention span to read up on what all the multi colored dials do and how to properly adjust them to make the ride better. So what did I do? I took it to my local shop and had them rebuild it. That's right I threw money at the problem, it is a 2010 fork that's never been serviced so I figured it probably needed it.

While it was in the shop I took a few minutes to do a bit of research online to see how to better tune my fork. I'd heard about a thread on mtbr from Anthony that was supposed to be really good but I can't make heads or tales of what the guy is talking about. I think I need to take an engineering class or two and then go back and re-read it. Anyway I got the fork back a week ago and let it sit while Melinda and I ventured off to DuPont for a few days of camping and riding. A much needed break from the depressing house that's missing a giant, friendly, nervous, half chicken, half dog we called Jackson.

Once we got back and settled in I made my way into the bike room and got the FROG back up and running. I've yet to ride it or try to apply any of the things I think I might have learned online but I plan to give it a go next week. I could have rode it today but it was HOT outside for some reason and I had this weird urge to ride my road bike. I've only had it out 3 times since I got the new frame so I took it for a spin instead to mix things up a bit. Road riding and running are two things I'm trying to incorporate into my routine, I need to mix it up, shed a few pounds and get myself in gear.

As I was finishing up my ride today I pulled into the parking lot where I had parked and had my first official road crash. A total rookie mistake and I felt really dumb but thank goodness no one was there to witness it. I've developed this habit of dismounting as I roll up to my truck when riding my mountain bike and it's not big deal in mountain bike shoes, even on asphalt. So as I approached my truck today not even thinking I unclipped my right foot, swung my leg around and tried to walk it out as I grabbed the brakes, think of it as a slower version of a cyclocross dismount just before a barrier section. Well needless to say, carbon soled shoes and smooth asphalt are a bad mix. As my foot touched the ground it was like stepping on ice and before I knew it I was laying flat on my back. Most of the impact was to my butt, thankfully no injuries just a bit of soreness and a wee bit of parking lot rash.

I guess I need to get a few more road rides under my belt before heading out on any group rides or I'm sure to be the laughing stock of the group.

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