Tuesday, July 31, 2012

nothing special

Quick post today, I got a bunch to do but I felt like blogging and since that type of stuff has been scarce around here I figured I'd better get on the stick.

Anyway, 6 straight nightshifts, 12 hours each and I feel like a zombie. It had to be done, I gots some hella vet bills to pay. I did pick up Jackson's remains yesterday and since Moonshine is still sulking around the house I held the box down to her and told her I brought Jackson back. She took a long sniff of the box and looked at me as if she understood a little.

Oops sorry didn't mean to get sad on you, I woke up this morning with thoughts of riding the FROG out at Warriors this afternoon for our weekly group ride but when I opened the shades I saw that it had rained. Crap! I checked the weather and the future looks bright so I moved the ride to Bays Mountain where things tend to dry up much quicker than Warriors. Warriors is a rocky, rooty maze that can really kill your momentum and ride when those rocks and roots are wet. With this high humidity I figured they'll still be wet this afternoon.

Speaking of the FROG, I did a bit more research and found a couple more easier to understand explanations as to how to fine tune my Reba and I tried it out last Sunday. I don't know if it was the rebuild or my fine tuning attempt but my fork seemed alot smoother. I gave Melinda's the same treatment but she didn't seem to like it as much. I think I may know why, prior to my research, my attempt to make things smoother was to drop the psi to a lower setting to achieve a smoother ride. On my fork I upped it to where it should be but I don't think I did on hers. I guess I'd better remedy that.

For a while now I've been wanting to shave my head but I've put it off partially due to Melinda's affection for me with hair, but since I continue to loose the battle of going bald I finally convinced her it was for the best. My plan was to shave it off this morning but I think I may have talked myself out of it yet again. I'm really not to the point where what hair I do have looks bad but it is getting thinner on top maybe I just need to flip a coin.

Last weekend while in Brevard we were cruising downtown sticking our heads in whatever shop looked appealing and while we were headed back to the truck I noticed the newest Brewery in town. Not Osker Blues, but the Brevard Brewery. http://www.brevard-brewing.com/ I drug Melinda across the street and inside to check out the wares. Being that we both had full bellies from lunch and Mexican beer, we opted to go with 2 of the samplers and try them all. I have to say I was impressed, probably my 2 favorites were the Munich Dunkel, a dark German lager. This was definitely a first for me but I liked it! The other was a good ole American IPA, it was good and punchy and the 6% snuck up on me just a bit. The guy running the place was pretty cool and said if we ever come back we were welcome to bring in a pizza or whatever and dogs were allowed to, as long as they were friendly.

That's all for now, not the greatest post but definitely a start to getting back in the groove.

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