Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm cooler than you, in my mind.

There is alot of really cool stuff coming down the pipe from bike companies right know, when I say cool I mean the stuff like weird colors and other stuff that's different not all that tech crap or the rebirth of grip shift. I dig the odd ball crap from companies like Surly who are constantly throwing up their middle finger to the mainstream crowd that insists of having the fastest, lightest, carbon this or that in only red, black or titanium.

I noticed the other day a few tidbits of info via the Facebox, that Surly is rolling out some new colors, one being what they're calling "Hospital Foam" on the Cross Check. What color specifically that is, I dunno but my mind is throwing out hues in the tan/orange/yellowish/cream color spectrum. My favorite so far has been the Robin Egg blue which has been hugely popular. I know of 3 local kids with it. Also with the release of the new "Krampus", a fat tire 29er, they just keep upping the "I'm cooler than" you factor.

Then as if the funky color teasers from Surly weren't enough, Independant Fabrications came out with an Easter Egg purple fully rigid steel 29er.

 Too many cool bikes and not enough bills in my wallet, it's the story of my life. I've been drooling over a Surly Crosscheck for as long I can remember but life just keeps getting in the way of me pulling the trigger. I don't do CX and my commute is too dangerous to ride a bike so I haven't come up with a good enough reason to add yet another roadie to my collection of bikes. What I need to do is dump my Masi and replace it with the Surly. Deep down inside I know I don't need aluminum or carbon, I'll never race it or be a serious roadie. I'll always just be the occasional road rider and why not do it in true "I don't give a rat's ass style".

On a more serious note, Niner has announced sometthing new is coming down the pipe. Mum is the word on what, but it is a new bike, the rumors are either a carbon RIP or carbon WFO. Both would be totally sweet but the RIP seems to be the one that would make the most sense. The all-mountain/trail market seems to be moving to carbon. Check out the teaser video for yourself that Niner put out there to, really tease us.

On a sad note the hunks of junk we call our work bikes here at work are about to disappear. Somewhere some dummy wrecked in our company while trying to ride down railroad tracks and the higher ups in our safety dept. have deemed bicycles as a safety hazard. There are all sorts of rumors flying around, like the guy leading this charge didn't get the bike he wanted for Christmas when he was 11 so he's taking his anger out on us peons that do actually ride bikes here at work. We use them for all sorts of reasons, carrying tools, making trips to the shop to get parts or fittings that we need in a hurry and just plain ole transportation. It's really ridiculous and I wish I had a say in the decision but I don't and its a shame really.

That's enough for now, I've got plenty of work to do. The New River Gorge trails, ECO, and a campfire surrounded by my bike riding buddies is calling my name.

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