Wednesday, August 1, 2012

rain delay

I'm trying to keep this thing on a roll here. Blogging that is and hopefully once I get into the swing of things maybe my blog posts will become entertaining again? Hopefully.

Yesterday's ride was a total freaking washout. The Tuesday group ride has pretty much been a bust this summer due to rain. It's been hard to keep things consistant with the occasional pop up T-storm that seems to hit every Tuesday at 6pm. That and coupled with my work schedule that keeps me away once a month I've never had a decent showing.

I sat around the house all day yesterday, not really sat around, I did stuff but I could have gotten in a good long ride during the day when the sun was shining but no I waited until 6pm hoping for a good group ride rather than going it solo as usual. I eyed the radar and weather channel and all seemed good until I stepped foot into the parking lot at the trailhead. Before I could even get both bikes off the truck we heard that distant rumble that's plagued us all summer.

I took a quick glance at the radar and it confirmed my guess, it wasn't a distant train wreck that we'd heard. A pop-up t-storm had appeared out of no where and was bearing down on us like an angry bear. I was determined to ride something even if it was only for 15 minutes so I conned Melinda into getting on her bike and heading down the first trail for as long as possible with the intention of turning it around as soon as it looked bad.

As we barreled forward through the woods we passed a friend who was making a mad dash back to the parking lot, and he gave us a puzzled look as if we were crazy. I confirmed his suspicions with a crossed eyed look and a mumble about the beautiful weather and took off before he could say anything else.

About 5 minutes later we were stopped dead in our tracks with a deafing boom. We hadn't made it as far as I'd hoped but that was definitely our signal to turn it around and do it quick. We made it out unscathed and into our truck just before Mother Nature unleashed one helluva storm.

With nothing else to do we headed home and cracked open a couple of Rangers and tried out our new fancy matching N.B. glasses we scored for free at a beer tasting.

Something about a fancy glass just makes a good beer taste even better. It's probably in my head but after posting this pic on the facebox I'll probably have to hide them when friends come by.

Today I'm determined to give it another go, we have yet another group ride this afternoon at 5:30 and the chance of rain is 10% less than yesterday. If this one gets rained out I may just call off the group rides all together or at least until the afternoon t-storm season is over.

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