Friday, June 13, 2008

busy busy

I haven't posted much here lately mainly because we've been so busy. If I'm not at work Melinda and I have been hard at work refinishing our cabinets. We took the doors off a couple of months ago and didn't touch them for a couple of months while we worked on our backyard project. Since Melinda has been out of school for the summer she revived the kitchen project that is taking a little bit longer to complete than we anticipated. We finished the top section but have yet to put the doors back on because we haven't decided if we like the hardware we bought yet. Our next step is to install a dishwasher and a garbage disposal which should make our house even more appealing than it already is, if we ever decide to sell it. We will also re-finish the bottom cabinets as well. So far the project is going well and the top cabinets look great even with the doors off. I'll try and post up some pics later this weekend. We've done so much work to our little bungalow that we hate to sell it and have decided we will probably stay put for a while and enjoy the fruits of our labor.
On the cycling end of life I do have a new steed on order, not sure when it will be here but I hope it gets here soon I'm anxious to go ride some more. We hit the trails 3 times last week and I felt a little pain, nothing bad it was just enough to let me know I'm not 100% yet. Melinda made the suggestion that I get a new ride, something with gears and suspension. This is something that I wasn't planning on doing anytime soon because I love my fully rigid steel 29er singlespeed, it's by far my favorite bike I have ever owned. I have no plans selling it so quit asking Dustin. Your going to have to build your own. If you've ever thought of building a 29er the Surly Karate Monkey is the way to go. It's a great ride at a good price. Back to the new steed on order, I actually bought 2 new bikes, 1 complete, a Haro Mary XC 29er and a Salsa Dos Niner frame. My plans are to build the Dos Niner up with the parts off the Haro and sell the frame. It was actually cheaper to go this route than to build up the Dos Niner from scratch. The specs are pretty close to what I wanted but there will be some swapping out here and there in the future. So if you know anyone who needs a solid 29er frame that's never been ridden give a shout. The Mary is up for sale.

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