Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've been putting in some serious time in the bike room the past 3 evenings. After I finished putting all the finishing touches on Mary I had to spend some time tuning the Monkey and Melinda's BMC. Nothing major just a little TLC, you know lube the chain, check various air pressures and a little brake adjustment. All this maintenance is going on because Sat we head out to Dupont State Park for some serious riding. I hope to take Mary out to the trails at Warriors today to work out any bugs that may cause me problems. Trying to dial in a bike on the stand just doesn't work for me, there always seems to some trail side adjustments that need to be made.
Word on the street in that the Pancake Shack may be coming home tomorrow. A&L RV has had our camper in their possession longer than we have.

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