Tuesday, June 23, 2009

homemade kayak rack storage unit

After about 2 months of having the kayaks laying around the driveway and on the deck I finally got around to building a storage system for them. I needed something to protect them from the elements and get them out of the way. We're all about proper storage at our house... wait I should have said Melinda is all about proper storage at our house. Alot of stuff would be laying around in disarray if it were up to me. After a bit of Internet searching I found some pretty interesting storage systems, some were free standing outside systems which is what I wanted but most were various types of shelving units in garages. Since I do not have a garage I went for the outside free standing unit. I found this design pretty quick but with no dimensions so I had to come up with the spec. myself. There were some pretty interesting concepts out there but I found this one to be the best choice with my limited carpenter skills.


Devon Bismack said...

So what are the dimensions? I don't know much about building, but this looks fairly simple

Lady Sarah said...

it looks like a swingset kit with extra crossbars