Friday, June 12, 2009


I know I said after the Tsali race I would put together a video but I still haven't even looked at the footage. Why not? I haven't had time, I've barely been home and when I have been at home it's been busy. Melinda's out of school and studying for a big test so I have been trying to make things go as easily as possible for her by doing all of the chores around the house which is alot tougher than it looks. I can handle it though this test pretty much determines her paycheck and I really don't want her to fail. I don't doubt her one bit, she very smart but she would never admit to that. About the Tsali video, maybe I'll get around to it maybe I won't, it's old hat now anyway.
One of the things that has kept me from producing high quality trail videos for your viewing pleasure was our trip to the Outer Banks or as some folks call it the "OBX". I saw those stupid OBX stickers everywhere I went while I was down there and I have never really understood the fascination with the simple round colorless sticker with only 3 letters. I'll admit I stared at them for years wondering what the heck "OBX" meant, never asking anyone for fear of being made fun of. It seemed like everyone was picking up on the ultra cool simplicity of the cheap sticker. One of my old room mates in college one day showed up with a similar sticker but with a JS instead. I stared at it for a couple of weeks and I finally gave up on trying to figure it out so I asked him what it meant. "Jamaican Sports"... okay he wasn't on the bobsled team as far as I knew so I knew he was a wanna be from that day on.
Anyway back to my beach trip, I promise not to bore you with any goofy stories about sunsets or Jimmy Buffets songs (I hate Jimmy Buffet) but I do have a funny story or two.
I've seen many folks camped out in our WalMart parking lot over night and I've heard WalMart welcomes RVer's so instead of wasting a whole Saturday on the road we left Fri night drove to the other side of Raleigh and crashed in a WalMart parking lot. I slept just fine but Melinda didn't do so well, she was worried we were going to get robbed. It was a nice WalMart, we even had a nice little campsite with a good grassy spot for the dogs to crap in.

When we did arrive @ the "OBX" we set up camp and headed through town to check things out and scope out the beaches. As we approached the end of town which is small we came across a dirt road that was beach access for cars. Actually 4x4 only, I'm really not a fan of driving on the beach but my interest was sparked and I've never really done much four wheeling in my truck so I decided what the hay. A quick read of the warning signs gave a few tips and off we went. As I crossed over the dune and down onto the beach the sand became very soft and deep. I made it maybe 20 feet and I realized I was loosing momentum whether I liked it or not. I tried 4 low but it was no help, I tried to back up but that didn't work either. I was just digging myself into a hole. Luckily I had some pieces of wood that we use to level the ECO and I tried digging my tires out to see if I could get going again. Nothing, people were passing me in all types vehicles. I even got passed by a Honda Element with street tires. I knew I didn't have much experience in 4 wheeling but this was ridiculous and embarrassing. There was one thing I hadn't tried but it was my last and only option before I made the call for a tow truck. One of the recommendation on the sign was to lower your tire psi to 20 lbs, I did that along with placing wooden planks under each tire and I was finally able to pull out. Whew, saved from certain embarrassment!

The pics we took at the Outer Banks are the last ones I've taken in a couple of weeks, we managed to get our camera wet one day while lounging at the beach so until we spring for a new camera I'll have to excite my readers with my vocabulary.



You are all the time busting on me about my likes and dislikes of music! I always say respect peeps music tatses but I have to speak up on this.... YOU DONT LIKE BUFFET??????? OMG! That's why you had bad luck on the beach, the parrot heads were sending you bad juju

Riding with dogs said...

sorry I've had a dislike for Buffet for a long time but I won't bust on you for liking him.... well at least not today