Saturday, June 13, 2009

the open road or lack there of

I was out on my road bike Wed. looking over my shoulder at the sky. I knew there was a chance for severe thunderstorms during the late afternoon hours but my ride time was limited and I still needed to get a run in as soon as I was done on the bike. The clouds were dark but they didn't look to menacing and I was close to being finished with my ride. I glanced down at my bike computer to see where I was on my time and as I scrolled through the options I paused for a second at my odometer. I stared in disbelief for a moment squinting a little harder to make sure I was on the right setting. Did that say only 145 miles? It did, and this is already June, WTF? I reset my computer at the beginning of this year after entering a bet I knew I wouldn't win with some friends on who would have the most mileage this year for both on and off road. I pretty much screwed myself out even a 3rd place finish after I reset my computer on the Mamasita and I might feel a little better had I done the same with my road bike. One hundred and forty five measly miles, it's really all I've done this year and I guess I shouldn't be surprised I knew I've been neglecting my road bike this year. Normally during the summer months I ride my road bike 2 -3 times a week putting in alot more road miles than off-road, not this year.
I've been riding my bike this year, alot actually but it's been all off-road, trails, the singletrack goodness. I've had a couple of days to ponder this and I think I've come to a conclusion that makes me feel a little better. Normally during the summer I do a lot of riding on the road because I'm riding alone and I can mix it up and still stay local. With the trails in the past few years I've been limited to just a couple of places some of which have not always been the best of places to ride. I've never been one to take off on a road trip by myself to ride an unknown alone. This year, with Alan unemployed I've taken quite a few road trips and for a while we were riding somewhere different out of town 2 sometimes 3 times a month. Another factor is new trails, Bays Mountain has changed in a big way opening up several miles of trails some new some old hiking only. All of this change has been fun and exciting and has kept Melinda a little more stress free. She has never been a fan of me riding on the road, that's why I don't commute to work via bike. I can't say I hope things change, I really haven't missed my road bike that much, I love riding it but I've always been much more a fan of the dirt. Things may change though but for the good, Alan just learned that he's going back to work part-time. He says he doesn't want to but I guess I can understand, he's done well being unemployed.

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