Monday, August 10, 2009

good weekend ahead

I think summer has finally arrived, with temps in the 90's everybody is crying like a bunch of little babies. The only thing I don't care for when it's this hot is the sweat running down my face and stinging my eyes but I finally located one of those Halo headbands I searched for all last year, actually I bought two just in case. They work fantastically good, funny looking but worth their dorkiness.
Now that I've gotten my 2 work weekends behind me I'm ready to spend the next two in the woods and have some fun. This week is going to be a long one even though I only work 3 days. Saturday night we will be attending a wrestling themed party and some friends house. Melinda and I are not wrestling fans so our costumes may kinda suck. There is no way I'll be showing up in a speedo but I may end up showing a little more skin than normal but hey it gives me an excuse to shave off more body hair. I already shave more the average guy, it really gets a lot of of colorful comments at work with the half human half grizzly bear guys I work with but I'm cool with it. My Dad always told me it wasn't cool to be a follower but I'm not so sure some of my choices to be different were what he was talking about.
Sunday morning the alarm clock will be going off early and rising me of of what I hope to is only a small hangover to head to Asheville for a bachelor party on 2 knobby wheels. A whole slew of us are headed up to Bent Creek for an all day ride on the mtn with Anthony. As much as he has tried he just can't get Amanda to get the bicycle fever so we've got to get him out on the dirt before they take the big plunge and she sells all of his bikes. She's been talking about buying a new couch for some time.

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Anonymous said...

Aww come on I'm sure you have an old High School Speedo that you could sport on over to the party.