Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the return of the Gatlinburg artist

After almost a month I finally received my t-shirt from the Crazy 8's run during Fun Fest. I'm not sure why I didn't get one the night of the race, I pre-registered and as I was being told they had ran out of t-shirts I was eyeing a couple of boxes full of them behind the lady that I was speaking with. I saw several of the volunteers wearing them and I wasn't really impressed at a glance so I didn't really take the time to examine the artwork until now. After a couple of emails my shirt finally arrived in the mail today and to be honest I wasn't really expecting a great looking shirt. They never are but I don't do the race for the t-shirts, I do it for the fun, exercise and friendly competition. Well let's just say the organizers of the Crazy 8's spared no expense this year when selecting the artwork for the shirt. They didn't just slap some clip art down or leave it up to the print shop artists discretion. They went out and hired a true professional, trust me I know I've seen this guys work, I think it was back in high school. I'm sure alot of East Tenn. folks will recognize his signature style as well. You know the guy who set up his studio on the sidewalks of downtown Gatlinburg airbrushing his way into the hearts and minds of any sucker he could con into letting him airbrush Bart Simpson onto a perfectly good shirt or maybe it was a big red heart with Bobby Joe loves Sue Ann across the chest in purple complete with the little white star highlights and unicorns prancing in the fog.

All I have to say is what the hell were they thinking when they designed this shirt, I expect bad artwork but this my friends takes the cake. Instead of boasting the "World's Fastest 8k" they should change it to the "World's Ugliest T-shirt & 8k"
All is not lost, now I have something to wear to the next Redneck themed party, all I have to do is cut the sleeves off and I'll be set.


Joshua Stamper said...

Ha! That a pretty ugly shirt, but you should have seen the shirt I got from the 2006 Charlottesville marathon. My dog did not even want to crap on it. I also love the fact that the kenyan is taking the win!

Riding with dogs said...

the funny thing is that the Kenyens are very small and that pic makes them look huge

Darth Duncan said...

I wonder why they don't get someone more local to design the shirts?

I's f'in' ugly!

Christopher said...

now I'm glad i didn't bother to "order" one ... like you, I think its a little odd that we did pre-register and didnt get one day of.