Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the longest week of the month

It's only Wednesday but it feels like it should be Friday and I know we all wish it was. I'm working a semi-normal schedule this week Mon - Thurs with the exception of them being 12 hour days. It's not really been a busy week at work but I'm tired and I feel like the weekend is never going to get here. Yesterday's post I felt like was choppy and had the flow of a clogged drain pipe. I kept getting interrupted in my train of thought during the entire process because I was writing from work and the alarms on my console keep going off stopping my progress every few minutes. Add to that the mouse I was using must have had a short in it and would freeze up every few minutes. I hesitated after typing the post thinking it was not of good quality but decided to hit the button anyway since I had not posted anything since last Thurs or Friday. I find that if I wait too long to tell a good story it gets stale in my brain or one of my fellow bloggers beats me to the punch and I hate to re-tell a story. So I'm half way through my week and the workday and while I do have something good to look for this weekend I feel that it's never going to arrive.
Friday as soon as Melinda gets home from work we are going to load up the dogs and the Eco trailer and head back down to Chattanooga for the weekend for another attempt at Raccoon Mountain. The campground we are scheduled to stay at doesn't really sound great but hey we're not there for the camping. Pretty much it will just be the place we crash at. Abby and Andy are going to join us on this excursion which should be fun. Our plans include hitting the singletrack early Saturday morning and the heading downtown for the Southern Brewers Festival.

With 29 Breweries in attendance and 4 or 5 local bands providing entertainment it should turn out to be a more successful trip than the last one. I've already checked the radar and it looks as if Hurricane Bill has no plans to join us for a beer this weekend. I don't think I can stand to spend another afternoon stuck between a bunch of pushy little kids at the aquarium again.


Anonymous said...

Firstly: You've gotta let me know how Raccoon Mountain is! (And the beer...)

Secondly: Work is temporary, fun is forever!

Thirdly: The security word is "prega," you should be stoked that isn't your motivation ;) (No offense to you padre types out there, just saying)


you should always give your version of a story even if it is about the same thing someone has blogged about. You have a way with werds yo!

Riding with dogs said...

thanks homie