Friday, August 28, 2009

raccoon again

Finally I got some pics from our Raccoon Mtn trip upload loaded,
via Flickr.

Sweet little or should I say big log ride

Abby lining up the log.

Andy just below the dam on Mega-Watt

Lotsa cool rocks to play on.

We had great weather and a beautiful view.

Yes our little friend the Gnome went with us, he hung out under the camper while we were away. He didn't say what he was doing but I think he was playing guard dog. I guess he figured since Moonshine & Jackson were inside asleep somebody had to do it. He still hasn't told us his name. I'm beginning to wonder if he's embarrassed of it.


JimiMimni said...

That picture of Andy and the dam is really awesome. It looks like it just goes, and goes, and goes some more.

Flickr wins the day, methinks.

Kathryn said...

I wonder if the little gnome will make his way to Big South Fork this weekend.