Monday, February 15, 2010

more NASCAR?

I know this blog is more cycling/outdoor/dog related but I had to post this clip of the last two laps of todays Daytona 500. Watch it here. The race was plagued with red flags due to chunks of asphalt coming up during the race making it one of the worst races to watch in a while. I didn't actually get to see the last half in real time but I've got it on the DVR for tomorrow. My man Jr. who didn't show much promise through most of the race came out of no where on the final 2 laps in 10th place to take 2nd just seconds before the checkered flag flew. Even if your not a NASCAR fan it was pretty amazing to see him put that car where he did and keep from losing it. Had there been one more lap he would have surely been in victory lane. Watch for the #88 green & white AMP Energy car.

I promise more cycling related topics later.


Darth Duncan said...

Are those congratulatory bumps after he crossed the finish line? Or is Nascar full of haterz?

Riding with dogs said...

congratulatory of course