Monday, February 1, 2010

no end in sight

The past two winters have been mild and I think we have been spoiled for sure. I can't remember the last time when we got this much snow or the last time I spent this much time off the bike. I hope all that I have been doing workout wise will help me when the warmer temps come back and the trails finally dry out. I have a feeling I will be a bit rusty in my skills. If not for P90X I think I would really be in a bad situation. I for one am not a fan of workout videos that confine you to your living room and I definitely don't do gyms. P90X has been a life saver and while it's still not my idea of fun it is a good tough workout that has yet to get boring. 12 DVDs of different workouts that are tougher than any workout video I have ever seen. My core and upper body have really reflected my efforts, something I have been meaning to work on for the past two years.
With no warm up in sight and more snow in the forecast I guess my bikes will continue to sit idle while I continue to wear holes in the living room rug and heave dumb bells toward the ceiling.
I actually thought about getting out and doing a snow ride this weekend but I never made it. Saturday Melinda and I loaded up the dogs and the snowboards and headed toward the golf course. I tried to find a sled earlier in the week but our local retailers refuse to stock them anymore because of the lack of snow in the past couple of years. It's been a while since we strapped on the boards but after a couple of runs down the hillbilly ski slope and I started to feel like I knew what I was doing.
Moonshine was so fired up that she chased me down the hill everytime trying to bite the edge of my board. I nearly ran over her on multiple occasions.
We had to pass up the longer steeper runs due to the crowd of kids with sleds ranging from high end blow up models to large sheets of cardboard. I hear alot of talk about how good a car hood performs in the snow but I have yet to witness this form of the redneck X-Games.
We picked a spot far away from the crowds so the dogs could run loose without worry. We were probably only there maybe 45 minutes when a large SUV pulled up and 6 people piled out decked out from head to toe in camouflage. Why they had to pick the same hill as we did I don't understand but we decided to call it a day to keep the dogs out of trouble. I hope once the kids got to the top of the run and saw all the snow painted yellow courtesy of Moonshine & Jackson they will think twice before picking a hill with dogs next time.
Later that night we met up with Andy and Abby and hit Melinda's family's farm for some real night time sledding and a bonfire. I took the Hero cam along hoping there would be enough light to film the action but none of the footage was visible. Had the footage been good it would have made for a very interesting video. The hill we were on was long, fast and it included a decent hump that was just large enough to catch a bit of air. The longer we rode the more packed the snow became helping us to gain more and more speed which carried us further and further down the hill. Unfortunately at the bottom was a small creek which several of us managed to take a dip in. Thank goodness for waterproof clothing.

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