Friday, February 19, 2010

sunnier days

Today I feel we may have seen a turn in the weather from cold to warm. The sun peaked out and I actually got too hot in my heavy coat as I worked outside this afternoon. I wish the circumstances had been different & I had been enjoying the sunshine in a different place but it was nice none the less.
I did make it out to the trails earlier this week with my bike and I took the dogs along for the ride as I knew if I left them behind after the winter we've seen they might not speak to me for a few days. I wasn't sure if riding was going to be worth it but I was to the point of not really caring how muddy I got. My plan was to stick to the more worn in trails and just turn multiple laps. My first lap out was a slow one with the dogs in tow but I needed that as my skills were a bit rusty. Once they were worn out I loaded them into the truck so they could bark at anyone who dared step close to it & I headed back out and rode until time constraints said pack it up and come home.
I left the trail head with a smile on my face and mud in my teeth. The trails for the most part were in pretty good shape but the occasional muddy spot flooded with run off and a section of access road that had been torn up by tree removal crews and their trucks got me and the Mamasita good and dirty. I've yet to clean any of the mud off the Mamasita mainly because it's been too cold to hook up a water hose but also she looks good covered in mud for a change.
With the warmer temps ahead I expect to see the trails start to really thaw out. Hopefully they will dry quickly and we can get back to business. Until then I've got a new project to work on, Melinda decided it was time for me to go tubeless on the Karate Monkey. I never thought I would notice a difference in tubed vs. tubeless but having both for a year I did notice it. It wasn't a huge difference but it was there.



no pics of the new hoops?????

Riding with dogs said...

Melinda say no touch till April 1st so if I have to suffer, everyone does.