Friday, April 9, 2010

and the winner is.........

It has been decided, the Night Owl wins. After much thought and careful consideration I have decided to stay local pay a much cheaper registration fee that includes a T-shirt. No there will not be any watered down spaghetti & meatballs but I guess I will survive. There will be no swag bag full of useless phamplets to litter the ground with and waste space in our landfills.

What we will get is a good ole fashion mountain bike race in the dark. The hard part will be keeping Anthony out of the post race refreshments prior to the start. He has a bad habit of trying to find a way out of toeing up on the line when the time comes.
So now that decision is behind me I have just one more delima to take care of.

Which class do I enter?

Do I risk it all and go for the longer more challenging course of the expert class? Or do I take the easier route with all the sandbaggers trying to stand atop the podium in the bulging sport class?

This really isn't a technical course, but what it does have is elevation gain, and lot's of it. I guarantee there will be some pushing of bikes before the night is over. With the expert class your just about guaranteed to ride your bike to the limit. Letting it all hang out, hard as you can go, none of that sissy granny gear crap. Do I risk it or play it safe?

I guess we'll have to weigh the pro's & con's.


Anonymous said...

You will make the right decision

Anonymous said...

Go big or go home, baby! Fortune favors the bold!

Andy said...

I'm racing the beginner class.