Monday, April 12, 2010

Elvis's New White Shoes

The Monkey has been getting the special treatment lately. New fork last fall, new carbon bar this winter, wheels and tires this spring. With the addition of a new carbon bar I had to replace the old stem as the new bar diameter went up to a 31.8. The only stem I had laying around was an old Easton EA30 off Melinda's road bike and it was a bit shorter than I was used to.
Earlier this month I acquired some extra $$ for my b-day and I decided it was time for a new stem and saddle. I've been playing around with a couple saddles that I've had lying around but none of them really felt that great. I've been running the all black scheme for a while but I've felt the monkey needed something a bit different.
Last year I went the cheap route and bought a set of pink bottle cages but after a year I decided they just looked out of place and needed to go. Not really sure what I wanted to do I looked to the car the Man in Black used to drive for a bit of inspiration.

The ole number "3".
The only other colors he ran were a small bit of red and some white. Both of these colors are pretty popular especially red when it comes to black bikes so I decided on white. The Monkey already has white lettering on it's logos and wheels so I thought it would look good if I continued the theme.

I stopped by my local bike shop and started looking around. I told Mark I was in the market for a white stem and saddle. Both of which have become pretty popular in the past year.
He rounded me up a Bontrager Race Lite stem & saddle.

This saddle is just a demo while I try out different widths. I've never actually had the choice of different widths and I didn't know what to think so I'm gonna try a couple different sizes. I knew this was an option but it's just never really been one for me. Technically there is supposed to be some sort of seat bone measuring device but I didn't see one laying around the shop. I'm not really sure what a seat bone measuring device looks like but I do know they exist. So for now I'll just try a couple sizes until I find the one that feels the best.

When I first mounted everything up I stood back and thought it looks pretty good but I think I need something else white. I'm not really sure what that is but I think somethings missing. I asked Melinda's opinion on the Monkey's new look and she wasn't impressed, she said something about Elvis and white shoes, I can't remember her exact words.


Anonymous said...

White grips, or white cages. The white gets lost near the back of the bike, but I don't think you're going to rebuild those wheels with a new hub or anything. I know you've tried the cage trick before, but you never know. It might work out a bit better this go round, what this the matching thing and all.

Riding with dogs said...

thanks AC it's nice to actually get serious feedback, I saw some pretty sweet white Bontrager cages but I was afraid they wouldn't work.
The wheels are brand new.
I alomst pulled the trigger on some new white grips which I need but I hesitated there as well.

Andy said...

The saddle fit device is a gel filled thing you sit on that your sit bones leave an indention on. I tried one at Liberty and it recommended a 143 from Specialized. Trek also has their version that recommended something similar.

As far as the colors go, maybe someone artistic as yourself could do something interesting with some pin striping. Go to the local autoparts store and get some white stripping and have fun. Could be a cheap way to add some white.

Anonymous said...

MSL has one of those "sizing pads".. It's just a [ad with spme closed cell foam on it, that you simply sit down on, Well worth a trip to get sized up

Riding with dogs said...

the size I'm currently testing feels good when I'm actually sitting on it. It is a singlespeed after all, not too much saddle time for those who are too scared to venture over. I'll still probably try another size or two.

Christopher said...

I'm pretty sure my Specialized road saddle is a 143, fits good.