Friday, April 30, 2010

who's down?

It's Friday! I got seven days off from work and nothing but awesome weather in the forecast and 5 bikes that are just itching to get out and get their tires dirty. There are 3 possible rides that could take place over the course of the next 3 days. Today I plan on hitting Bay's Mountain with Mr. Vocabulary, we're meeting in the upper parking lot @ 12:30 and riding off the backside. If you think you can hang bring it.
Tomorrow I'm heading back to the Creeper Trail to help Melinda get her bike legs back and do a ride with my parents, sister and her crew. Should be an interesting trip.
Sunday Hungry Mother is on the menu but that will be a game time decision for us. Melinda is still not 100% so we'll make the call as to whether or not we ride the night before.
I promised myself I would keep this one short so neither of us waste time sitting at a computer reading this blog when the weather is perfect for being outside. Now I'm off to get a haircut so I can be a bit more aerodynamic for the weekend.

get out!

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