Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 heckuva week

Normally my job is pretty laid back, not much goes on unless there is an upset in the process. This week has been the exception to that rule. Everyday this week there has been an issue that has had me scaling columns, crawling under equipment, swinging from overhead pipes you name I got to do it. I'm just glad we had beautiful weather to do it in. This was supposed to be my week off to rest up for the 6 Hours of Warriors Creek this weekend and I planned to let my legs rest before the big thrashing they are going to lay down on the field that is known as the Sport class in Endurance racing. That plan was quickly tossed out the window early Monday just before lunch when everything went haywire. Hence the lack of blogging this week. I've been trying to pick up all the slack of my fellow bloggers out there who have really let the cobwebs collect. I hear it all the time, "I'm really gonna start writing again". One or two posts later and the cobwebs start growing again. In my spare time I've been slowly preparing the ECO for it's 1st adventure of the season. It's always a weird feeling when I hook it up and hit I-40 for the first time that year. I hope to have alot of good stories, pictures and hopefully some video for your viewing pleasure when we return so stay tuned.

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