Friday, May 7, 2010

don't miss the boat!

Just finished the 2010 NTMBA jersey design. I tried to make the changes small to appease those who don't like change and make it a bit fresh for those who do. If you want one let me know ASAP. All jersey orders must be paid in full prior to placing the order, I can't afford to pay for them myself. The deadline to get yours will be June 7th so get your check book out now.

See the price list here.

click pic to make biggie

In other cycling art related news the new T-shirts will be ready for pick up this coming Monday. I'll only have 55 and some folks have already reserved their's.

$15 will get you one of the coolest shirts to hit the street or trail.

They won't last long so be quick like a rabbit.



appease??? I was just telling you that you cant see green on green goober.

Riding with dogs said...

that and we should keep the same design for 2 more years

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to come up with a design to appease the masses.



you should! keeps the uniformity of the club.