Friday, May 21, 2010

race preparations gone all wrong

How many things can I possibly do make myself not ready for a race? It's 4:37 am on Fri morning and I've been up all night. This week has been a bear at work, lots of work going on. I planned to let my legs rest all week in an effort to be strong for Saturday's race at Hungry Mother but instead I'm sore all over and I feel like I've got shin splints from standing on concrete all week. Hopefully I'll be able to turn it around in the next 2 days and be ready for that nasty climb half way through the course.

Yesterday afternoon I was getting everything ready for a weekend of camping and an just before I was supposed to leave for work I decided to take my hitch rack off and replace it with the hitch for the ECO. The last time I did this, two months ago, I found that the stabilizer bolt/hitch pin had gotten rusty and was difficult to remove. I should have replaced it but I didn't and so guess what, this time it didn't just stick. When I tried to free the bolt the piece, (not sure what it's called) inside the 2" tube broke instead allowing the bolt and it to spin freely while not allowing the bolt to come out. I ended up having to break out my hack saw and cut the head of the bolt off just to remove my bike rack. I guess now I have to replace the bolt and the part that it screws into.
As long as next week runs smoother than this week I should have a full race/camping report complete with pics. Still no video, I've yet to purchase a new Hero cam, but Hungry Mother's trails are that interesting anyway.

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