Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wanna be the coolest kid on your block?

I've got so much going on right now I've had trouble putting together anything for a decent blog post so if I tend to ramble a bit this morning I apologize. Nah forget that.

Our AC has been out for almost 2 weeks here at the house but luckily Mother Nature has been nice to us and kept the temps down while we entertain estimators with dancing girls and drinks trying to get the best deal possible. So far everyone has given us a quote but one and I'm about to go ahead with the decision process without him. If I have to wait this long for him to give me a price how long will I have to wait for him to install a heat pump. I guess the dancing girls weren't a good idea after all.

In other cycling related news I heard that the Bays mtn race this year will finally include some singletrack. I know, I know we heard that same story last year but we have to think positive here. If the course is not what the rumors say it will be then I may just lead a boycott and go rogue off the course and hit the singletrack anyway. I'm tired of gravel road racing. If the rumors are true then yeah for us. I took it upon myself to ride what is rumored to be the course and I really enjoyed it. Maybe because the singletrack was a ton of fun and I had a hand in building it. It really makes it that much more exciting to ride trails you help build. The course will be tougher this year because instead of the roadies big ringing it down a gravel road they'll be fighting through the twisty stuff with me breathing down their neck looking for a place to pass. At least that's the way it's playing out in my head. I clocked the course at just a mile and a half longer than last year and the fun factor much higher.
I don't plan on stopping there, next year I'm going to push for even more singletrack.

If you haven't already made plans for this weekend go ahead and sign up for the 2nd Annual Bike @ Bays put on by the fine folks of NTMBA. It's going to be another huge success this year with a ton of door prizes, demo bikes to ride that you've been gawking at online and don't forget free food catered by Texas Roadhouse. So go ahead and visit the website to get signed up and get your free pass.

It looks as if the rumors were wrong and the Bristol Challenge is back. A triathlon/duathlon held at Steele Creek Park in Bristol. I did this one 2 or 3 years ago and scored a 3rd place finish right behind Mr. Dillow who is a much faster runner than I am. Did I mention that it was my first ever duathlon? Maybe I'll get to do it again this year if my schedule will allow, currently all of my vacation is accounted for. I'd like to give Mr. Dillow another run for his money. Or I might just let it all hang out and go for the tri since I now own a kayak. Maybe

I know you've probably already seen the t-shirt all over the internet, ok maybe just the local forum or FB but they are in. The big ole box is currently sitting on the guest bed directly behind me. You know you want one, you'll be the coolest kid on your block I promise. $15 is what it takes to own one of these bad boys and don't dilly dally around thinking you can wait till we're hurting to sell the last 10 and score a deal. These things are going fast, I've already sold half of them and I just picked them up yesterday. So if you want one act fast, send me an email, call me, send smoke signals, whatever it takes but trust me these baby's are a one time run. In other words I won't be making anymore, once they're gone they're gone and if you wait you'll be sorry you did. Don't worry I won't say I told you so, I let Alan do that.

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